Friday, August 29, 2008

virgin roll

i've developed the virgin roll of my holga 135BC, and yea, my first roll wasn't that great, as i expected, but i do have some favs. i can see the vignetting in the pictures that i snapped (notice the black corners), and somehow the vignetting gave my pictures a moody and mystery value, like a house on a hill, something like that. the multiple exposures are not so bad themselves. so for the first roll, i dont have any theme, i just snapped all over just to test drive the camera :) a couple of the shots for you here, but you can see more in my flickr.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i have nothing to do (actually a lot) and i couldnt sleep. so i guess ill do what i always do when im not in the mood for work. this is my first attempt to halftone pattern pop art. and i know it is not perfect and not yet enhanced to 'line art pop art', but i kinda like it. it's a picture of my bro and my sis. will try to do the line art enhancement to make it more realistic comically. :)

i dont know if these pics will be best viewed on white or on black, so ill just put them both anyway

well this is um.. i dont know what do we call this, but i was just playing around with silhouettes, but i came up with this. hope you guys like it like i do. huhu.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

will update!

(let's change all the Ls to Rs)

werr werr, i havent update my brog ratery, cuz im in key err, soooo, wait for my updates! with picthasss! tata

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


my new sweetheart came today! yay! ila ketok² my door today, and when i opened the door, there she was - the one ive been waiting for~

my holga! miau2~

off the wagon

today i fell off the wagon. i ate rice, 2 scoops of rice, with fish, and vege. i felt bad because i was too hungry. but the good thing is, i went to the toilet twice for poopooing, and i peepee-ed like crazy today! nasib bait! tomorrow's gonna be a new day, and it will be all fruits n veges again.

Watching: Grey's anatomy s4ep16

Saturday, August 9, 2008

i are not ay gremmer police

in class today, in the lecture notes used by the professor, there was this phrase : "puttin' it together". i remembered back in 97, when i was in form 2, mdm lau asked us to write this essay, and because of all the pop craziness and lovey dovey lyrics back then, i idiotically changed all my -ing's into -in's. goin', lettin', pushin'. like how stupid was i? hahahhaha. (cute tho, trying to be dreamy *grins*) and my teacher circled all the in's with her red pen. that was how i found out, oh, kenot use in studies rupanya..

ah tube top! *antigravitying meself*

yay, my babe bought that top for me. yippi!

Friday, August 8, 2008

paranoid android

my horoscope for today says...

"It's inevitable that you will overreact at least once today, because your emotions are right beneath the surface. There's a little chip on your shoulder and you are just waiting for someone to say the wrong thing so you can give them a piece of your mind. This is not a great way to make friends, so avoid large social situations now. Unless you can find a way to clear your mind and completely relax, your temper is going to be on a hair trigger -- and you can't trust it."

wop wop, not too close, not too close buddy, unless u want a piece of my mind.. ;)

today, today

it rains heavily today. i am doing nuthing today, just surfing around for information on my project. and eating lightly. i read about TruDetox in kenny sia's blog. macam bes. but im still using juvanex now, so ill take TruDetox later later after 5/6 months. he was like losing 4 kgs from the detox. i wonder where can i get those scales with ur body fat % on it. always wondering what my body fat % is, well im not fat, but im curious, because once, i saw this thing in the tube, that this lady has like 45% body fat! half of your body is only fat! if she could work it out she'll be like wow! well this crap talk is merely for my selfmotivation. cant wait to finish my detox week.2 more days daria, onli 2 more. yosh!

Listening to: Bjork- Volta

Tip#9: look at ur poops, are they floating? or are they sinking? i always heard ppl telling me that floating poops are better, since ure eating fibre and all, but i think u cant beat a one-solid-gushing sinking poop. yahhhh.. puas ati. oh lupa, dont eat while reading this tip. what? too late? hahahaha padan muka

Sunday, August 3, 2008

two super days of my precious life

ahhhhhh.. there are SO many things i want to report here. but i need sometime to gather up all the relevant images, so..

wait for it..

wait for it..


-piu piu-