Friday, September 26, 2008

heyu! im back!

helo all, me backie!

i have half of my pressure off me, BUT, only half, but it felt good anyway. i havent had anything interesting during my away mode, and the crying post below was nothing. i was challenged, and my motivation was way underwater. so um, tomorrow im gonna go home for raya holidays, yea, yay me, but there will be alot of stuff waiting to be done. but im happy nonetheless, the chances to see familiar faces all over again. ah, best eh. anyway, to update:
  • i have a new toy, with very2 snazzy n comel bag for it (gamba post later)

  • i have some new problems (yeah everybody does)

  • i have been tagged! *see below

1. Nama timangan - Nurrul, telescope, daria, oon, babe, nuwul, zawiyah (hmm)

2. Saya seorang yang - sama seperti wanita di dalam buku, seperti gadis di dalam lagu

3. Insan2 teristimewa- my family, my babes, and you know who you are (sapa² bole ngakuk here ok ;) )

4. Makanan -- ntahla. i dont want to think too much about food.

5. Favourite colour -- multicolor, technicolor, awkward pairings that look good

6. Favourite song -- the ones i listen

7. Benda yang membuat anda stress -- whoa, this is epic. im stressful lately, really.

8. 3 benda dalam wallet -- benda keras n benda lembut (pande² pk ahaha)

9. Kali terakhir menangis beriya-iya-- couple of days ago. someone was pulling my leg.

10. Saya dengan sukacitanya nak tag kawan kawan yg kat bawah ni. Tapi kalau dah pernah buat soalan atas ni, tak perlulah.
- fieza
- lynn
- shinnie
- xaximie

Listening to: Sunrise Comes too Soon

Mood: restless/excited/high

Monday, September 15, 2008

[away mode]

i'll be away for a while k? but! watch this space cos i wont be away too long :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

aspirin mask

hellu again~

today i am so happy, i spring cleaned my room, and i have updated my to do list, on my project and on my life (organisasi okey). and after settling down, mandik² suma, i started my exfoliation regime, dgn menggunakan aspirin mask. it is a good exfoliator/mask for my face, i have tried it many times, and it worked really well for my skin. i will share with you on how to do this yourself, and maybe some of you already know this stuff from some famous beauty bloggers ( i got this from them too, and decided to try it myself), so here are the stuff you need:

aspirin - saya menggunakan jenama Disprin, boleh didapati di Guardian.
note: MUST use the non-coated aspirin, and tolong hanya guna aspirin k? paracetamol & such itu bukan.

honey/madu - yang digunakan untuk makan² itu, ye²

STEP1: ambil beberapa biji aspirin, saya biasa menggunakan 3 biji (jgn lebih dari 5 biji please), dan basahkan dengan 3 drops of water for each aspirin. the aspirin akan men-dissolve-kan diri sendiri seperti gambarajah di bawah.

STEP2: titiskan madu ke dalam aspirin yg telah cair tadi, dan gaulkan (mcm bunyi resipi indah lok huhu)

STEP3: sapukan ke wajah (ceywah. adoh heh hahaha), dan biarkan selama 10minit.

STEP4: setelah tamat 10minit, cuci muka dgn air. semasa mencuci, pastikan anda mengambil kesempatan untuk meng-exfoliate-kan wajah anda dengan menggosok mask tersebut di wajah anda, especially di bahagian yang kasar (spt sy: bahagian pipi)

STEP5: sapukan toner ke muka, diikuti dgn mosturizer.

my result: after using this mask for quite some time (even after the first time!), i felt a huge difference on my skin, before this, i have a problem with my cheek (cheekbone area), which is a little bit kasar, so this aspirin mask is somehow a good exfoliator for me. ia menanggalkan sel sel mati di muka anda (ayat diblakang produk kecantikan hahahaha).

1. kepada sesiapa yang allergic dengan aspirin, anda dilarang untuk mencuba mask ini, and kepada sesiapa yang allergic to honey/madu, anda boleh menggunakan mask ini tanpa madu.

2. if you have dry skin, do not do this too many times per week. anda tau keadaan kulit anda, jadi pandey2 la adjust :)

3. if you do not know whether you are allergic or not, (for me i always do this), try first di lengan anda. if got rash/redness, maybe you are allergic.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

i've been tagged!

1. What were you doing 5 years ago?
- study penuh kemalasan dan mencuci mata

2. What were the 5 things on your to do list today?
sbb jam dah kol 1030pm, so i guess:

- duduk pan pc
- carik inspirasi to not be lazy *tsk*
- lompat lompat
- saho
- tdo awal esok ada klas (mun tdo awal la)

3. What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
- roti celup giant ya
- krekers gula/plain
- buah semangka
- roti mighty white rasa ikan bilis
- mena kata kau lynn - hiro choc cake nok 30sen ya *mmh!*

4. What are 5 jobs you've had?-
- keja kedei buku (bos nya tsk tsk tsk)
- waitress kingtop
- jual kueh bulan posa
- tutor unimas
- menjadi babe yg sewel

5. 5 ppl I want to tag
- babe xaximie
- babe shinnie
- iman
- jackal
- noa

oki! buat sarveyyy! :P

same old, same old

hm. what am i gonna eat for my sungkey today? this is the worst puasa ive ever been in. lotsa problems. and i kinda feel sluggish today. maybe my ass is getting heavier. maybe i feel anton because i did not have my sahur this morning. i only drank a glass of aek mati, (then i went to pee!!). need to go buy some biscuits or roti or apa² k sahur tonite. duit agik. duit duit duit haiya. i feel like venting but it is puasa month, so, um.. yeah. there is nothing on my fon, and the room is tiba² panas today, website subject network sikpat dibukak bukak gik dari ariya and i havent touch my project today. see. pure laziness. all i did was goleng2 . damn i feel useless.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

pull the trigger

its the fifth ramadhan....

time flies so fast :(

i drank neslo (kopi 3in1 + milo 3n1) and celup2 with that yummy roti for sahor.
huhu. this is when i miss home very much. kof kof!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

4th ramadhan

i dont know why i pooped a lot today. i miss my sahur in the morning. but i ate roti bom before i terslept. which is around 1 plus la. i was frustrated to see it was 840am when i woke up. mmh! but after class, i pooped like a lot! huhu. i think roti 'bom' exploded! BOOM!

to be continued....


so today is basically the best sungkey day (in this 4 days). finally i get to taste/eat my own nasi ambang! hihi. yummy! i sungkey-ed @ ila's house today, as the delishesh nasi ambang stall is near her house. oof!

nway, i have a short session of loya burok with babe xaximie, and i gave her a teka teki:


daria: babe
daria: mek nyingit badan tek
daria: cuba tekak pahal
xaximie: kentut!!!
daria: Hhahaha
xaximie: puffftttt
daria: ya betolll
daria: hahahhaha


jus one guess hoho. i bet everyone can answer the same thing! sbb.... cam suma jak gia nak :P

Tip #10: mun nak kentut singitkan badan, sak bau sik perap lam kusi, or, lam slua, lak beliang mukak slua tiba2 ada bawu *belik2 mata* . kakya miker nak pelik2 melimpas.. maka bulan posa suma masok prison break benda² itu. *tetak kenyang*

hari ini

3rd ramadhan

bought nasik kerabu today, malangnya salah beli, so sik nyamannnn, sik cukup birruuuu (ada indah jd isu) dan lain2. so sik abis mam tek. bencik na juak membazer eh. so i just put it down there, open table for the kittens. the donuts that i bought are also 'hard-rock', so ergh. sik bes eh muang duit. the only thing yg nyaman today was, my aek jagong. nyum. for sahur this morning i ate roti bom. i think i need my detox again. byk benda kotors masok sudah.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

i miss

it's weird when you study, you will miss working, and if you work, you want to further your study. but it's clear to me now. i love working more.

brighter than sunshine


so my menu for today,

2nd ramadhan

saho: milo, celup with roti2
sungkey: spegeti (erk) + salad + mint tea

today ila said my arms looked smaller. oof oof! :P

these days, i love listening to 'brighter than sunshine' , by aqualung. the lyrics are very nice, and the chords are easy. hmmm *garu garu dagu*

p/s: i think this would be my new layout for a while. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


for my weight loss challenge update, this ramadhan, i have loosen a few rules for myself. i will eat rice or mee every other day during sungkey/berbuka, and ill eat something else for the alternate days. for sahur, ill take carbs, so ill have the energy for the next day, and plenty plenty of water. im thinking of taking trudetox this ramadhan. as the fasting itself is an act of detoxification, why not help the process right? and sempena ramadhan, ill list out what i ate/baham during bebuka n sahur, so i can monitor myself.

1st ramadhan

sahur - maggi goreng - ate half, appetite brek tgh jalan

sungkey - nasik putih with ayam panggang, aek jagong

    menu for today will be updated later. i think i wanna change the name of the challenge. let's call it looks less 'heavier' nyehehehe. nak o?