Monday, April 13, 2009

life, it's hmm..

'life is peachy'
that is what i would say.

a person with a heart, a mind
a person who sometimes wanted to be blunt, so badly,
but afraid that people will get hurt.
a person who wanted to speak what is on her mind,
just let it flow, but she couldnt.
but somehow it is the opposite when she is on the receiving end.
people are blunt, her feelings are harmed, but ignored.
people express whats on their mind, blended with gloat,
while she suffocates, her throat bottle-necked,
but she only expresses her amused face.

what is life to us?
we work, we play, we eat, we workout,
so time will be filled.
a day will be formed.
so we can answer the 'how was your day?' question.
so we feel that we did something, at the end of the day.

but life is like a learning curve,
we learn something new, and we adapt.
life is not linear,
people change,
situations turned awkward,
jokes are not funny,
laughters are faked out,

life is a good teacher,
human learn best by mistakes,
so, 'How's life?', they asked,
i'll say 'life is peachy' with a smile.

Friday, April 10, 2009

gambar2! :D

ah, last2 ada juak mood nak ngapdet. kotan gago tek. ;) hee. oklah, nangga lah gamba2 tok.. yeehaw @.@

one of the perks of being in a postgraduate convocation, derang dering bunyi tipon.
(at first saya jak skema, sik ngebeng papa masok dewan, skali nangga dak lain, siap ber beg2 gik di dlm jubah ya [oo ila ooooo :P], maka dengan berbesar hati saya meminta my adik mengepass enfon kepada saya juga)

kehappy-an kerana kami sahaja berhuruf N in that batch,so yayyyy dudok sebelah sahaja :D

after ceremony. in front of our limo. or was it sultanah's? sik sure, sama duhal limosine mekurg. hahaha lommmmm. wop wop jgn tarek bulu topi ali baba saya.

hot shoes alert! ;)


'work it, work it, crazy crazy crazy' kata mr fotografer. melileh udah bahu jubah mek ya.

with mamaji and papaji. thnx a lot for the love & support.
i love you.
this Msc is for you guys, my beloved family.

with my brother, my loyal fotographer. i wish fifi was there too :(

gamba harus

gamba sunat. (sik make spek)

gamba wajib. (jungo)


Saturday, April 4, 2009


wah lamak gila sik apdet.
bizi you. *aksi melambey ke depan muka pendengar sambil gelang emas berat beteter pey bah ktiak*

hee. seminggu dah lepas konvo.
balit last sunday, trus bz ngan work.
anyway, be back in a while with my gamba konvo.
trensper gamba lok