Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Raising Kaori : Season 1 Episode 07 - The Ostrich

Have you seen the ostrich chasing cyclist on the Youtube?
Maybe you have seen it on your Facebook feed.

Or you can watch it here:

Anyway, daddy showed the video to Kaori, saying
'Look, that's a big bird, big bird running'.

Later that night, around 3.30 am we heard a cry:
' aaaa mummy!! Big bird! Big bird!'
Woke up from my deep sleep, saw Kaori with her eyes shut.
I hugged Kaori, and said 'it's okay, mummy's here'

And then she cried some more ' aaa mummy big bird birg bird!'
I continued hugging her and she kinda nestled on my chest. Must be a scary dream.
I tried to imagine, probably it looked like this: