Friday, June 26, 2009

michael jackson passed away.

o tedah m.j

rest in peace.

my fav

pencarian pda sudah selesai, selepas beberapa ketika bertuka2 henfon (beli den jual).
ahernya saya mencuba membeli ipod touch 8gb, as my mini hard disk, cum PDA. pda function suma ada lam folder d ya hee. yang lain suma entertainment :P

kacak o theme tok?
got it from cydia

my games screen.

my ebooks screen. lets see apa di dalam folder novels.

ah! these are the best that i could find. ive only read One For My Baby by tony parsons, tp dari buku la. it was one of my fav, so saya donlod juga. eh? ada twilight folder. i didnt watch twilight ria sbb sik sempat, but my friends said the novels werent bad at all. mari kita lihat.

iya, the whole saga. ;)
baca jak blom tok. save pake maca lam belon or travel sine2.

and this is my lockscreen.
macam PDA sik?

aok ya jejaka idaman kamek la yaa
(loff you syg) <3

the fonts are customised juak. hee

tapi mok di jailbreak dolok la.
atau kata lain, ditebok tupai ..
or anything yang rhyme ngan 'hek'.
mun sik hek sikdo novel2 mek yo. ;)

(sikpat ngeja mena2 atas sebab2 keselamatan)

selamat berbulan Rejab!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


ola oli!
been too long since ive update mi blogi.
very2 tied up this month.

but i did something to my laptop desktop.
and i lof it.

ini before ada action~

ee apa ya? pande kembang2 :P

tadaa, antek x?

nooo ukan apple tok. sik mek mampu meli desktop mac.huhuh

me n frens of the guidebook committee have been working on the guidebook of my faculty.
we plan to revamp the guidebook.
this is the cover (sample size), not finalised yet.

copyright by dariagraphy©

Friday, June 5, 2009

letting go // SALE!

im decluttering, changing my wardrobe n personal style
im not into skinny jeans anymo, so because skinny jeans is still in,
im letting go of mine to those yg same size as me. pictures are available on request, just write item number and your email address. please note that not all are skinny jeans unless stated so. fitting can be arranged.

j1 - mng skinny black, button fly, zipper at leg. size US 8. still very new - RM95
j2 - yishion skinny jeans, blue, stretchable, size 28 - RM 35
j3 - mng skinny straight, rarely used, dark blue, size US 10. was my test jeans, view here
- RM 50
j4 - levi's lady's style, blue, very rarely used, still looks new, special cutting at the leg fronts. size 29 - RM 70
j5 - soda jeans, blue, not stretchable, very rarely used, like once or twice only. size 28- RM 30

also for sale
b1 - guess handbag, black, rarely used - RM 70, guess paperbag & dustbag will be given to the buyer.

serious buyers only!

email me

Thursday, June 4, 2009



****a, ****a. seriously.

p.s: looking forward to be by amy-aleng's side on her wedding day. :)
p.p.s: i dont like cocky & conceited ppl. blurgh.

"Confidence is attractive. Arrogance is obnoxious. There's a fine line between the two - make sure you don't erase it." - quoted somewhere

Monday, June 1, 2009

ari gawai


pulau sampadi...... here we comeeeee!!!