Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pikachu candies, old school tape recorder & chasing sunset

After a long while we haven't go out for a real date, Kaz took me on one last Sunday. Usually we only go out for groceries, and Japanese class. It was a beautiful day, the only sunny day of the week in fact, and I was glad that it didn't rain until night time! and Monday it started raining again. This year's autumn is very cold. I dont know about winter later. @.@

Since Kaz has been cycling a lot around town with his new friends, he usually finds new spots - beautiful view, a nice ice-cream or coffee place, and he would bring me up there because he thought i would love the place, and he is usually right! Who doesnt love a beautiful view, and delish ice cream? hehe.

These are some pictures I took that day.

Pikachu candies

Old Led Zepp vynils

an old school radio

an old school tape recorder (I seriously love this place!)

My baby, @Uchinada Big Bridge

Moi, turning a neck scarf into hijab, i love how it covers all the way down to my belly :)

Literally chasing the sunset

We reached there, now sitting waiting for the sunset

Me at the seashore
Us :)

Oh it was so beautiful

baby's muscular legs ;p

Kanazawa at night

Japanese umbrellas

Maple leaves, and the bright moon

Friday, November 16, 2012

A late anniversary entry

the past 11/11 was my one year anniversary, being married. :)

He surprised me with roses, and a superman diary for 2013. i gave him a Saw (iphone jack cover). he still knows what i love and i know he likes Mr Saw a lot. ;) thanks baby.

inside of the diary/planner

TV series addict Part II

So this is my second entry on my series addiction. One of my babes will be going away from Malaysia for work, and she requested for my list, so she could download and watch whole lot of em in her new work country, just in case she couldn't access/download from there. So babe, just choose from this list k.. I'll write some comments so you could choose better.

*these are only the shows that I watched from Season 1 Ep 1

Finished series
  1. Friends - never gets old, never boring
  2. Ugly Betty - i dont know why i love this show so much, and was sad it was cancelled after season 4, but at least they create a fast ending - sik tergantung
  3. The OC - teen drama, love it because i love adam brody and rachel bilson, and gerek sue ada juak lam ya, Ben McKenzie ;p
  4. Weeds - Dark comedy, but lovin Mary Louise, n mek duak sue suka lagu utama series ya, little boxes ahaha
  5. Sex & The City -great series, although ingga ngan Carrie Bradshaw, dont get me wrong, i love Sarah Jessica, not Carrie bradshaw but they remind me of us babes :) *sayu*
  6. Desperate Housewives  - just love the show so mucho - kadang2 funny juak, n i did cry twice sbb sedih juak kadang2

Final Season Ongoing (that I know of)
  1. Greys Anatomy - loving the drama, although the practice lari from the real medical situation, but in time we fall in love with some characters, i love a lot of characters in grey's - kecuali meredith ahaha (sbb nya mcm bau nak sue oo hahahha), but dah lately, neutral kamek ngan meredith, nya dah sik serabut gilak
  2. Private Practice - Greys' spin off - i followed it because i really love Addison (Kate Walsh)
  3. Gossip Girl -  i know you will not watch this babe, but kmk still layan ekekek, sbb characters berubah2, and all the dresses in the series inpires me for my DIY dresses..and.. chuck bass

  1. How I Met Your Mother - Funny series, love all of them - marshall is my fav
  2. New Girl - Funny series, i love Zooey, but housemate nya pun suma lucu2 esp Schmidt. baruk 2 season, senang nak catchup
  3. Glee - mula2 lok mek sik suka, tp lamak2 rindok nangga, part belagu kadang2 mek forward ajak. guest starring byk yg best2 juak
  4. Ben & Kate - masih baru, funny series
  5. Two & A Half Men - funny series, bila ada ashton tok pun maseh rindok nangga
  6. Hart of Dixie - love rachel bilson, nya doctor from new york, working in bluebell alabama (small town), very little doctor stuff, tp bes juak. and sbb Wade (wilson bethel) hensem hehehehehe
  7. Pretty Little Liars - you know why we love this! ;) 
  8. The Big Bang Theoryfunny series, kisah pasal nerds and their daily lives n science, n star wars. 
  9. 2 Broke Girls - lawak juak, 2 girls yang berusaha to build up their cupcake business
  10. Modern Family - FUNNY! love everyone in the series. family drama comedy.
  11. Dont Trust The B**** in Apartment 23 - funny series, baruk 2 seasons.a girl living in the same apartment with a kinda wild housemate.
  12. Revenge - drama, but story line best, emily is so pretty, daniel is cute, victoria is a queen, and nolan ross - the best bff you could ever have.
  13. White Collar - drama, crime - kisah ex con man, working for FBI. best :) and... Matt Bomer.
  14. The Vampire Diaries - one of the vampire series yang i like; a lot - plot nya bes, nothing like twilight. paul wesley has nice abs, ian somerhalder's eyes, and i love klaus & elijah, and everyone else
  15. True Blood - sookie, bill, ERIC, jason, and LA FAYETTE. and oh. Alcide. so many hotness in here, great story line, just gotta love it.
Waiting for new season
  1. The Big C - drama comedy - about a woman who is dealing with cancer
  2. Episodes - Matt Le Blanc berlakon as Matt Le Blanc, dark comedy, mcm Weeds
  3. Melissa & Joey - Mel Joan Hart stars in this series, family comedy


Jane by Design - so sad they cancelled it after the first season, it was getting good :(

Ok, there you my go babe Judy, all series that I am following. Mun ada soalan tanyak jak kmk k..zig-a-zig ahh


It's crazy that i am following these series, but I dont watch much TV in Japan, not understanding and all, and the series motivates me to complete my work, so I can be home and watch the latest episodes. I even have a schedule - which series on what days. hahahah.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

ok im just gonna confess

i have finished reading all three 50 shades series. although the writing could be so much better, but it's still ok -- for a fan-fiction, and should i say.. Christian Grey, oh Christian Grey...

Boys are gonna be in trouble cuz Mr Grey has established a very high standards for a perfect man. Hehehe

So now, without it (I was always looking forward to 11pm everynight - the time I assigned to read them), I kinda miss Christian.

Cant wait for the movie.

So, I imagined Ian Somerhalder as the perfect Christian - at least for me.. I mean look at these

The smirk

Those eyes

And I also think Matt Bomer is suitable for Christian Grey.

a very CEO Mr Grey

And then today, for a split second I reconsidered Chace Crawford when I saw --

kiut aie!

But then, I always go back to Ian. Because the description fits very well in my head, and also because everytime I see Ian smirk, or smile (90% from the vampire diaries), I would go..

"Adoh doh doh doh mahwaku"


but, if Christian's  not 27, then I would choose no other than Christian Bale to play it. *smitten*

OH, I just hope they dont cast Rob Pattinson. Pleaseeeeeeee dont, angol ngan matanya.

p/s: yes, i am still very very much in love with my husband, and he understands how i react about Mr Grey. hahaha


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Friday, October 5, 2012

time for a mini vacay

i love traveling lightly

in-laws are coming tomorrow, for 10 days!

so i guess im off-workout and will be eating big for 10 days! yay! (not that i am restricting before hahah)
i will post up some pics of the mini vacay next!

have a great weekend efryone :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Past Entry Reblog: what i love most about photography and art

How I miss being this creative. I wonder where everything went. This was a post back in September 2008.

photography and art to me is like fashion. we can choose to express ourselves in our own way. our own creativity. it is full with experiments. for me, although i am not a professional photographer, i love to get inspired and try new stuff. i like portraits, and i want to achieve variety through portraits. here i have some ideas, but i don't have the props to go with it. i have to take pictures with my scarves, as i am a scarf-clad girl, but i didn't bring that many scarves for me to take pictures. otherwise everything will pretty much look the same. photography is one way for me to release my stress, to show my inner emotion, or just to have fun. lately i tried to take some serious themes, like the pic here, and it is hard for me to even make a good serious face. it teaches us to dig the emotion from inside, to portray it outside. maybe that's why the girls in ANTM felt irritated when they were yelled by the art director. i just cant wait to go back home. so i can practice with my siblings, and also my babes! :)

Be Free!!

Picture: "We can't please everyone" by dariagraphy©


Friday, July 20, 2012

Home-cooked food that I'll eat over and over

hey everyone! :)

Sorry for being away for too long, looks like I need to queue my next few posts.

Anyway, Ramadhan is arriving again. It is a great opportunity to tune your body, and make it get used to eating healthy, again (if you haven't ;p). So I would like to present my fav home cooked meals by me and my own personal Jude Law  20 michelin star (awarded by me) head chef, my hubby. I cook, only during weekends, as during weekdays, Ill be spending most of my time in the lab, so every Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be his chef, more of a contestant of a cooking reality show, because he is at Gordon Ramsay's level for me. But I am lucky, everytime I cook, plates are also clean, and he does love whatever I made for him. Thanks baby. I love you, Ill get to your stage one day ;p

 So, pictures!

Gnocchi de Patate and chicken, and pita cheese cuts

Plate of Cous Cous, Broccolli, Potatoes, Carrots and Beef

Grilled All in One - Eggs, Bok Choy, Mackarel, Onions

Chicken & Mixed Vege Stuffed Pita, with avocado salad, greek yogurt dressing

Simple and yummy, Chicken Bok Choy with garlic, blackpepper and parmesian cheese droplets

Chicken Pita, with brocolli and carrots

Steamed Egg ball (eggs, bok choy and tofu) + Mackarel and mushroom

Fish, salad, peppers, mushroom, carrots all seasoned to perfection ;p

So, these are, I promise you, healthy food. I do indulge few times a week, but we always try to eat like this 80% of the time.

And our green veges came from......

Our own balcony :) [yes apparently he succeeded at his first attempt in gardening ;p]

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.
Eat healthy, be active.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Giveaway by Kasia [Koju Bofu]

Hey boys and girls.

You might noticed I just started adding pages links on top of my page.. and I plan on doing workout reviews.. it is still empty for the moment, but i will start soon.

Anyway, I would like to promote a giveaway by Kasia from Koju Bofu. She's giving away her very own arts (sentimental to her hee3) so checkout her page on how to win!

Click here for more info:



Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ikue's Birthday Present

Ikue is my Japanese friend, labmate and my tutor (assisting me when i first came). this is her 2nd birthday since I came.. last time i got her a small whiteboard set, but this year i decided to make her a DIY present, so after a while I thought I would make her a DIY bookmark and hubby would pick up her birthday card, so it will be from both of us. A bookmark is practical, and she will use it as long as she reads a book ;p

I didn't take step by step process pictures and it took me around 20 mins or so to complete the bookmark, it's my first time. and also first product of my new sewing machine in Japan! :)

Basically you only need fabric (2 types), interfacing (for inside the bookmark) and some buttons. We bought her name in hiragana, in felt type fabric.. and ironed the letters onto the bookmark.

Enjoy the pictures!

After finishing the main bookmark, top-stitched
made a ribbon using the other fabric, and attached a button in the middle.

Ironed her name on the bookmark

Ready to be passed to the birthday girl ~

Happy Birthday gal! <3 Thanks for everything this past year.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Award from Kasia :)

Hello! I received a lovely - and my very first blog award from Kasia [from Koju Bofu]. Thanks bebe! To receive this award I will have to answer few questions, and pass this award to few more blogs =) Here goes..

What is your favourite dessert?
Gimme anything, anything at all with chocolate, or chocolate flavor. My ultimate indulgence.

When you're upset, what do you do?
At this stage of my life, I am more often upset than I have ever been, due to my studies (i remembered studying was a lot easier, but PhD is truly a rollercoaster ride. So as you may have guess (if you are guessing) I channel my regrets and stress related emotions to exercise, and yoga, and just have fun with my husband. And not to forget, to pray, and ask from Allah, and usually it makes me feel so calm right after, like a lull, before it starts again. But I think I am closer to God than I  have ever been, I gained lean muscle mass from my workouts and I am getting more flexible whenever I do my yoga routines.

What was your favourite pet?
I don't have a pet, none here, none in my hometown, but if I do have to pick, ill have fishes, like my dad. :)

What do you prefer to wear, black or white?
It has always been black, but as I get older, I experiment a lot with colors and patterns and color blocking, and I think I am moving to white (but currently I have a lot of greys in my closet).

What is your biggest fear?
Currently, my research.

What is your attitude mostly?
It seems to people that I take things lightly, eventhough i am deeply worried or stressed, because I do laugh a lot too, especially when I am back home after a long day at work. Hubby called me 'lucu kedirik' (means that I always find anything funny, and giggled a lot to myself).

What is perfection to you?
Now. me and kaz. i love him, i love how he completes every little pieces of me. now we are waiting for our little bundle(s) of joy.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate. oh...... (im imagining im swimming in a chocolate sea, that way i can slurp em, and burn all the calories doing the swimming, heavens!)

I am honored to pass the award, to my friends - I wish I could tag you all, but here goes:

Mim - DelancretLurpak
Fieza - FiezaLovesPurple
Amir - AmirFx
Fina - JomKurus
and Ila Baby - Dillaila

<3 and hugs!

will be doing an outfit post tomorrow~~

Thursday, June 14, 2012

new header! ;p

for kasia, annie and my non malay readers (if any), it simply means From Lazy to Muscle. but it sounds better when i use my language, malay. ;p hehehe

Sunday, June 3, 2012

outfit post #2: a beloved piece

In this post, I just want to introduce my favorite piece to complete my modest ensemble, which is my belt. Yes, it was a thrift item, got it for only 100yen.. and it is a very long belt, which is why I fell in love with it at the first sight. As i am currently in between sizes (i am now quite small for my current clothes, but still too big for new sets of clothes - dont you hate it? it's like having a semi-long hair, cant be tied into a bun because it's not long enough) so the belt has helped me to cinch every tops that I have.

That's all . ;p

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lazy weekend

hmm.. what should i write..
for 2, or 3 days, i think ive been slacking with my workout, and this morning i tried to do a payback workout.
turns out working out with empty stomach was bad for me, so i stopped halfway.

need to do a workout again this evening.

oh well.
diet wise, i have also been slacking for a bit. prolly it's because im close to the time of the month.

how y'all been doin?


p/s: for lunch, I ate - white rice, sambal nasi lemak, an egg, and for dessert, hershey's chocolate ice cream.
and then my oreo cheesecake (i made a second batch)

omigod! need to burn all these this evening! huhu!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

wordless wednesday

source: Facebook

Friday, May 18, 2012

walking down my memory lane

i was going through my older blogposts and felt nostalgic. i was very active back then, and then stopped blogging, i didnt know why, maybe because as a student i really need a place to talk about something else other than my studies. this is to reblog one of my older posts from Oct 2008. I wonder where is my inner photographer now. I still take pictures, but less of myself. i even don't know how to pose in front of my camera anymore. maybe i should do this again sometime.

Title: Imperfection Photographed [28 Oct 2008)
i took some time off today, taking pictures, i mean taking self portraits. nothing good, but these are my faves. the session is called 'imperfection photographed'. i chose this title 'cause i dont really like some features of my face, but i am grateful for what i have. everyone is beautiful in their own way. im not a model anyway, so.. hehe.

props - scarf n my cheap black ring
gear - digicam sony, 4.1megapix


Monday, May 14, 2012

No bake Almondmeal Oreo Cheesecake [for Kasia & Annie Banannie]

This entry is specially dedicated to Kasia & Annie bannannie ;)

Credits to Sue's recipe (thanks sue!)

No-Bake Almondmeal Oreo Cheese Cake

2 packets of Oreos (remove the fillings, or eat them :D)
250 g cream cheese (room temperature)
80 g butter (melted)
1/2 cup castor sugar
1small box whip cream
3 tbs gelatin or agar-agar in 1/4 cup hot water (or unflavored jelly powder/strip)

Let's make it:
(1) 1st pack of oreo: Blend until they reached powder/flour consistency. Then mix it with the melted butter. This mix will be the crust part.

(2) Put this mixture into a tupperware or any container, spread it evenly as a crust. Refrigerate around 30 mins.

(3) Beat cream cheese with castor sugar until fluffy. Then add in whip cream dan mix. Lastly add in gelatin, beat until smooth.

(4) Break the remaining oreos into small pieces and mix in the mixture. Mix well. (I added my almondmeal during this stage too)

(5) Fill in on top of the crust. Refrigerate at least 3hours.

That's all!
Show me pictures later when you made it! :)


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Almondmeal Oreo Cheesecake

I made this today, with a wish Happy Mother's day to my mum. Weird thing is that me and baby will be the ones eating this not my mum heheheh. Thank you to my schoolmate Sue for the recipe. 

Happy mother's day to all mothers in the world.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

i love you

i love you, my readers. :)

if you've been a silent reader for a while.. gimme a yoohoo~

ill keep on posting, as long as you are reading, and so far i have a great group of returning visits!
i appreciate it!

Remember to eat clean, and be active.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

"it is a break up song, but a very romantic one"

i said to him. 

singing along to '11am' from Morning View I was automatically felt the rush of those moments.

early 20s.
my guitar.
first incubus concert.
i even wished if i had a break up, the person who broke up with me should dedicate that song to me.
that said, not to forget, the stupidity ;P
oh youth.
i miss you.

sitting at the driver's seat next to me, he said to me,
'im glad you're so happy,and i love you'.

we went to a great CD and book store, and spent almost an hour, scouring through the CDs, and being in awe, because there were a lot of CDs, and some of them weren't available anymore in my hometown. albums from the 90s, original CDs, and although it is a digital era, for the price of 750Yen (USD9) for a total of 5 original CDs, we ended up buying 10 CDs. I picked up 3 of Incubus' CDs - SCIENCE, Make Yourself and Morning View. I wanted to look for Fungus Amongus, but we didnt have much time as the shop was about to close. 

We also bought 6 boyz II men CDs, and I picked up my high school fav, Five. hihi. I'm gonna collect all those BSBs as well. Those moments sure automatically rolling back to me for sure, when i listen to these songs.

do you feel like this too? when you listen to a certain song, esp from the past, you get all those feelings again, the familiar setting, the familiar scent, and all those things. i think we all do.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

another blog

i want to open another blog where i share what i wear, which are mostly thrifted, used, preloved. especially for people who are curvy and plus sized like me. i'm not fashionable (in the context of wearing expensive brands,although i do want to wear these stuff, just that i couldnt afford them, hehe), but i make the best of what i have and be happy with it. and i dont believe to be in the fashionable crowd, you must wear expensive stuff. i buy all my stuff cheap.

ill put up my link here later. am still uploading pictures :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I love yoga, I first started doing yoga in 2008, during my masters in UTM johor, with my buddy Ila. I still practice till now, but not yet an advanced, but hoping to get there someday.I do my intense workouts 6days a week (either HIIT cardio, or strength training), but when it's rest day, i'll do my yoga. it's a great workout during active rest.

Sarah, Ila, if you're reading this, just know, i miss you girls, and doing yoga with you girls. muah.
I also miss doing yoga under my ex yoga teacher, Sze Sze.. she's a great yoga instructor ^_^

yeah, the beginning of my fat period. That is Mademoiselle Sarah <3

Between this picture and the upper picture, I got through my fat period, and slimmed down.. and this picture is my mark for my fit period. Hope this period lasts forevereverever.

keep active, now matter how much you weigh. <3