Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lazy weekend

hmm.. what should i write..
for 2, or 3 days, i think ive been slacking with my workout, and this morning i tried to do a payback workout.
turns out working out with empty stomach was bad for me, so i stopped halfway.

need to do a workout again this evening.

oh well.
diet wise, i have also been slacking for a bit. prolly it's because im close to the time of the month.

how y'all been doin?


p/s: for lunch, I ate - white rice, sambal nasi lemak, an egg, and for dessert, hershey's chocolate ice cream.
and then my oreo cheesecake (i made a second batch)

omigod! need to burn all these this evening! huhu!


Anonymous said...

oh that time of the month.. i'm all pro-chocolate so no worries, you'll just lose it afterwards. i also usually can't work out that much then :/ but - hershey's chocolate ice cream? that sounds so good!

Banannie said...

been slacking with my exercise too! sad to say.. :( i think i need to start over! ..and then here you are reminding me of the oreo cheesecake! haha! omg! this is bad for us! haha!

Nurrul Mohamad said...

Hahahah! Kasia, annie. Omg! Sorry ahahah :p this gives me an idea on what to do.maybe three of us should do a 3x10days challenge,just eat clean n really healthy n exercise

Banannie said...

i like that idea! that's a good way to start off my healthy living project again, you know! but err.. i need a lot of help! haha!

Anonymous said...

yes, we need a motivational program XD