Wednesday, August 13, 2008

off the wagon

today i fell off the wagon. i ate rice, 2 scoops of rice, with fish, and vege. i felt bad because i was too hungry. but the good thing is, i went to the toilet twice for poopooing, and i peepee-ed like crazy today! nasib bait! tomorrow's gonna be a new day, and it will be all fruits n veges again.

Watching: Grey's anatomy s4ep16


resjudicata said...

it's ok to eat other things than fruits and vege, babe....

fruits n veges alone are not good for ur body... =)

sakit lak sapa susah... mek owang juak.. :p

jia you, babe!! =) mwah2..

.designerdaria. said...

saja nak manjak2 ngan takuwg ba :P xie xie babe, jia you to me too ^^

Shimmering Shinnie the Shoe Shiner said...

Yesh, every weekend, don't forget to pamper yourself with red meat. I repeat, RED MEAT! and it means..LET'S GET SOME CARL'S JR! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Mwahs, babe. Be good. Do good. Diet good.

Wo ai ni. *blushes*