Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i have nothing to do (actually a lot) and i couldnt sleep. so i guess ill do what i always do when im not in the mood for work. this is my first attempt to halftone pattern pop art. and i know it is not perfect and not yet enhanced to 'line art pop art', but i kinda like it. it's a picture of my bro and my sis. will try to do the line art enhancement to make it more realistic comically. :)

i dont know if these pics will be best viewed on white or on black, so ill just put them both anyway

well this is um.. i dont know what do we call this, but i was just playing around with silhouettes, but i came up with this. hope you guys like it like i do. huhu.

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iman daud said...

hohoho.. kcak da jak artwork ktk tok