Friday, January 29, 2016

Raising Kaori : Season 1 Episode 06 - In the train

Kaori was in a good mood yesterday. We were on our way to the airport, and she sang all the way from the hotel, in the train, while walking... and calling out on everything she saw.. 'aeopwane red.. twuck teeamm' and so on.

While on the train, she sang her own song (I couldn't identify the tunes or the lyrics) and suddenly she called out 'Daddy, Mummy and Kaowi!'. We looked out the window, no billboards or posters of a family, or maybe we missed it because of the fast train. After a while, she called out again 'Daddy, Mummy and Kaowi!'. I looked out again, prolly the same billboard out there.. But nope, no billboards, only buildings. I was interested to see that family billboard she identified as us.( Nok ne yang kedak mummy tek.. cantek sik..) One more time, she called out.. but we were passing by a tunnel, so obviously no billboard because it was dark.

'Daddy, Mummy and Kaowi!'

And then I saw that 'billboard'.. Ooooo..paduhal..



Friday, January 22, 2016

Raising Kaori : Season 1 Episode 05 - ♪♫♪ I Thought You're Hurt ♫♪

Two nights ago, Kaori's Daddy complained about suddenly having some sort of acid-reflux-ish and heartburn-ish feeling especially during the nighttime. So I promised that I was gonna give him a massage him that night.  I was using a tennis ball, which is a very effective tool for pressing the acupressure points - well I love learning about acupressure, so besides testing on myself, of course Kaori's Daddy is  my number 1 acupressure customer. 

So that night, while Kaori was still playing on her own, I started pressing the acupressure points for heartburn on Kaori's Daddy's back. As a self-claimed untrained-but-I-think-I-am-quite-good-at-this acupressure therapist, of course I nailed the points and Daddy was ouching all the way, and burping out the winds. urrk, aarkk, grrp. After 5 mins or so, we realized there were no more sounds of toys rattling, so I turned back to see Kaori with her red eyes, on the verge of crying, or maybe already cried, but with silent, very controlled sobs.

Aww she must have thought that I was purposely hurting her Daddy!

'Awww come to Daddy' - Daddy said. She ran and hugged her Daddy (of course I thought that was funny so I took this)

 consoled by Daddy, sobbing uncontrollably

So we have to tell her that it was nothing, no one was in pain, no one was causing pain intentionally hahaha, so  she looked like she understood --- she looked relieved.. and started smiling..

Tedah anak mummy hahhaha

And then she got some inspiration composing I Thought You're Hurt for her Daddy

Well overall I think that was a good incident, because whenever she won't listen to me, i'll just say
'Mummy tekan bdn daddy lak..'


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Raising Kaori : Season 1 Episode 04 - Chantek!

For Kaori, there is no difference if you're a man or a woman, if you're a boy or a girl, if she likes what you put on, for example, when I put on an abaya -- the abaya will fall gracefully from top to bottom, she will watch and say - 'Waaaw, mummy chantek' with a very impressed face.

I am not sure if the chantek she meant was actually the dress only, or me with the dress, which means I am not chantek wearing other clothes (mok juak). So previously we thought she understood the concept of chantek. Until one week, when she was so clingy with Daddy, she insisted to have her own version of Daddy King Chantek. By that time, we know that chantek means that you have anything unusual on you, but looking fancy to her. I took a picture once on a night she insisted to decorate her minimalist version of Daddy King Chantek:

The simplest Daddy King Chantek version. Little Batik Kebaya on top of the head, Johnson&Johnson's sticker at the center of forehead, and a no-handle glasses.
There were times when I entered the room with my husband typing on his laptop wearing a tudung with other elaborate toys on his head and shoulders.

So the other day on the flight to KL (her first flight after she speaks quite well and reacts towards her environment) we sat in the front half section on the plane, and was very near to the cabin crew demonstrating the safety procedures. Kaori watched the steward doing his thing, looking very impressed, and when the steward put on the life jacket --- suddenly there was a loud voice saying..

'Waaaaw, Abang chantek!'

Mummy N