Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yesterday and Today

hello there. today is not a very productive day for me, maybe because of the cold. as much as i love snow, i dont like it very much if my eyes are affected by the flying ice bubbles. atit mata mek bila ais ya masok2 mata. yesterday was a nice sunny day, no snow no nothing. but today, it has started again. im used to it tho, i dont wear gloves anywhere i go anymore, and i dont wear that awful 'muscle2' sweater that makes me look fatter hehehe. bak kata sayang 'dah japanese la tek'. hehehe, because the japanese girls still managed to wear long socks and shorts in this weather. here are some pictures from my cubicle,yesterday and today.

This was yesterday. pretty blue sky

This is today. I have to close my eyes while walking, or get a bigger glasses. or wear the snowboarding glasses to lab hehe

i will blog something else later in the day. ada mood ritok. 


AmirFX said...

Ktk belajar ka kerja kat Jepun? Best juak mun ada cuaca kedak ya p gik best juak cuaca tempat dikpun... hihi.. :D

daria said...

belaja mir. last tok,katok sikda gk blaja2 hehehe. nyalah, tmpt dimpun juak bes, esp makanan!