Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ikue's Birthday Present

Ikue is my Japanese friend, labmate and my tutor (assisting me when i first came). this is her 2nd birthday since I came.. last time i got her a small whiteboard set, but this year i decided to make her a DIY present, so after a while I thought I would make her a DIY bookmark and hubby would pick up her birthday card, so it will be from both of us. A bookmark is practical, and she will use it as long as she reads a book ;p

I didn't take step by step process pictures and it took me around 20 mins or so to complete the bookmark, it's my first time. and also first product of my new sewing machine in Japan! :)

Basically you only need fabric (2 types), interfacing (for inside the bookmark) and some buttons. We bought her name in hiragana, in felt type fabric.. and ironed the letters onto the bookmark.

Enjoy the pictures!

After finishing the main bookmark, top-stitched
made a ribbon using the other fabric, and attached a button in the middle.

Ironed her name on the bookmark

Ready to be passed to the birthday girl ~

Happy Birthday gal! <3 Thanks for everything this past year.



Koju Bofu said...

so beautiful! i love the romantic floral pattern and buttons :) didn't know before that you are a DIY person, so cool!

Nurrul Mohamad said...

tengkew bebe! <3 i actually do more clothing/dresses (because of the curvy/plus size body thingy).. but occasionally i love doing these types of DIY..

Sara said...

I love you're blog, dear. I follow u :)

My name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.
Hope u follow back :)

A lot of kisses.

Nurrul Mohamad said...

Hi sara! thank you for visiting, gracias! ;p ill follow you :)