Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Raising Kaori - Season 2 Episode 01 - Mami, ghost! :|


Sorry for the long hiatus.
Sho-o'on-da Rhimes was too occupied with some stuff, but hopefully we are back regularly! haha. For me especially, because I want Kaori to read the highlights of her years before she develops memori yang nya dapat recall kelak.

Anyways, this happened few weeks back, when we were on the way to Dot Waffles cafe, to meet with Aunty Jenn, and the traffic was bad on the way to The Spring. It was almost Maghrib and the evening itself was quite cloudy. During the traffic jam, Kaori talked about this:

Kaori: Mami, ghost!
Me: Ne.. ne ada ghost. [Where, there's no ghost]
Kaori: There, ghost *Pointing to the car in front of us*

mami dah mula sik nyaman nyawa. hari pun dah nak megrib so...

I decided to investigate.

Me: macam ne rupa nya? what color is it? [how does it look like? what color is it?]
Kaori: white.. like this (both arms out, typical way ghost act dalam cartoon ya eh)

I was like.. mm white, both arms out. Macam imagine casper ada juak.
So dalam cuak cuak ya, iols dengan gigihnya took my phone out, tried to snap a picture of the car in front of us. Tapi sipi2 jak, neves bah hahhaha
And then I asked her again.

Me: Maseh kah ghost ya? [is the ghost still there?]Kaori: There mami, cant u see?

Biar benar anak ku tok. So I got an idea, I showed her the picture. Waima neves, i asked her.

Me: *showed her the pic* Where is it? point.
Kaori: there ghost... (pointing)
Me: *gasp*

Let me show to you guys the picture, probably you'll see it too.. it is not that far from the driver.

Nampak sik? sik jauh dari driver ya?

Nampak sik??

Happy Halloween!

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