Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i wish

i wish i have amnesia
so i can forget all the lies
so i can forget all the cries

i wish im not intuitive
so i wont feel sorry for myself
so i wont feel pathetic

i wish im always ...


Thursday, October 23, 2008

imperfection photographed

i took some time off today, taking pictures, i mean taking self portraits. nothing good, but these are my faves. the session is called 'imperfection photographed'. i chose this title 'cause i dont really like some features of my face, but i am grateful for what i have. everyone is beautiful in their own way. im not a model anyway, so.. hehe.

props - selendang, skaf (sik nampak) n my cheap black ring
gear - digicam sony, 4.1megapix

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my favourite show

i wandered around youtube watching my fav music videos, interviews on ellen & jimmy kimmel and somehow i ended up on That 70's show bloopers. huhu. i miss that show so much, i love them all esp kelso and hyde, and fez, and donna and jackie, ahh pendek kata everyone! i once had full episodes of season 1-7, and i truly, TRULY valued my collection and i was about to collect season 8, which was the final season. but......

my ex lost the cds (back then we only burned stuff in cds). he did not even know about that show when i introduced it to him, and at first he was not interested, 'byk gilak klaka' katanya tek, but after a while, he likes it very very much, (as if he knows efrything). uhh. after the breakup, i told him i want all my stuff back, whereby actually i wanted my cds back. my music, my videos, especially my 70's show. but i only got 3 cds out of everything!!! NE AGIK NOK LAIN!!

damn. of all things that he had done, the cheating and the bad treatment, i finally forgave him, but the only thing that i still resent (yup sampei kinektok) is that he lost all of my 70s show collection. sine nak carik gk tok? :( sheesh.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

boring tuesday

Sunday, October 12, 2008

lonely day

as a master student (which is not great anyway), i often felt lonely here. dahla sikda kawan, bilit sorang2, ingat tek dah sorang2 camtok, rajin sikit molah keja, p sama juak duhal. anyway, i miss a lot of ppl when im lonely. jaik ati bila chat lawak2 ngan kawan2 time tgh mlm, tetak sorang kat sitok. mun d umah ada juak mak mek klua dr balit n nyk 'panama tetak ko ya?'. hehehe. i cant wait to finish this thing. tomorrow ill be presenting my work (which is in my own opinion is a load of crap, ntahla i dont know, dont ask what or why). i think my motivation has gone downhill lately. ill update on how my presentation goes tomorrow. *cross fingers* ah nabes! huhu. anyways, when i miss ppl, i will miss my babes and my family the most. esp my bro n my sis. this is my fav picture of my sis kat umah usu, cun nya make ju ijo, n dindin umah usu is painted the same shade of green, so i made her stand and pose at the wall. isnt she pwetty? :)

Tip #12: Tidur di muka pintu, alamat dilangkah hantu
ulasan: i think actually, takut ditinjak (dipijak) oleh urg nok (yang) mukak pintu. sapa nyuroh tdo pan pintu? @_@ pasya the angry dialog will be like: "antuuu juak ko tok ninjak aku tgh tido, sikpat nangga urg senang ka?" and that's where the 'hantu' came from.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

hey guys. been a while. its not that i dont want to update, its just because i cant update, ive been seriously busy. but i can promise you, ill be back regularly, after tomorrow. after tomorrow. yeah.