Thursday, October 23, 2008

imperfection photographed

i took some time off today, taking pictures, i mean taking self portraits. nothing good, but these are my faves. the session is called 'imperfection photographed'. i chose this title 'cause i dont really like some features of my face, but i am grateful for what i have. everyone is beautiful in their own way. im not a model anyway, so.. hehe.

props - selendang, skaf (sik nampak) n my cheap black ring
gear - digicam sony, 4.1megapix


Res Judicata said...


tantek ktk babe. take more pics :)

mek da soh kwn mek sebey dvd ktk yo... lak mun ada nya pdh awh.. lak kita gi penang awh.. :)

f.i.e.z.a said...

org dah kcak imperfection gnei pun nmpak perfect.
*jek tok.starbucks pun hot choc jd la. ;P

lak kmk mok bgmbar gya juak.yerr xmok kalah.

Shinnie Shmoochie said...

Antek eh.
I love the 2nd one though its kinda common but still, you have a perfect pwetty face, please. =D
I laf you nonetheless.
Missh yew!

iman daud said...

kedak Arwen Undomiel jak eh

JuruFoto said...

Great portrait..
hehehe :D