Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the one that i read over and over and over and over and..

x cukup satu, duak entry, x cukup duak, tiga.
hehehe. been reading my fav book for like the umpteenth time.

tada! hee. stories we could tell, by tony parsons.well, some might find this book very boring, some might say 'bole la, ok ok' or 'okla juak', but i say 'mek shuka gila!!'. the weird thing is, as much as i love this book, (and of course his other lovely, lovely books - one for my baby (BEST!), the family way (best! people can really relate to this), man and boy (pun bes!)). i want to find all of his books, ada like 4 more, man and wife, my favorite wife, and two non fiction books - one he co-authored with his exwife, and in 09, one more book will be published! horey!

ok, again, the weird thing is, as much as i love this book, saya tidak beli the ori copy. instead, i did a perfect-binded copy of it. why? sbb i want the white cover! the white cover (in picture) depicts all of the main characters, walaupun hanya dari belakang hehe, and at mph, or popular ka or mana2 ada jual, they used the grey copy, which shows some faces, and umm... those faces x sama ngan watak. x sama with terry, ray, leon..xbes. to me, it's important that i can imagine the characters the way they're described. so, sy buatla perfect-binding. at least perfect binding, so rupa pun macam the real book, just dlm ada cop library huhuhuh! sikpa. shh. hehehehe.

well the book was inspired from his own starting career as a music journalist. yea, that is why i love this book. if ure into music, u will love this book. tapi! not about current music or loads of crap music, sbb it was 1977. lebeh tepat lagi, buku ini sebenanya,a one whole night story. which is 16 august, 1977, the day that elvis died. haha i always loved any authors who wrote a-one-nite-story. time punk baruk angkat. time hippy style dah subside, because zaman beatles dah lepas. but then ada one character, ray, nya still dressed as a hippy, and very devoted to the beatles, and his assignment for that night, is to find john lennon, who is in town, for that night only. and yada yada yada, suma ada adventure masing2.

terry - spiked hair, oxfam jacket, boots., levi's yg sik cuci sejak beli and he reviews most of the new music at that time

leon, hmm leon wears trilby hat, yg lebeh2 kurang kedak topi fedora itu, and leon is actually belongs to a medium class family, tp lives at a homeless shelter, koatan passion nya tek. but biasala. darah muda, emo lebeh, apa2 pun lebeh, last2 pulang juak ke rumah.

ah yes, terry, ada watak girlfren lam story ini. Misty. dari the way she is built, i could pick an actress to play Misty if they made a movie from this book. i'd pick zooey deschanel. hehhe.

all and all, best sbb mmg byk adventure in that one night, yg made they grow up. the book is the basic picture of zaman drugs and rocknroll. love it. layan esp di saat2 aher. the first time i read this book is when i borrowed it from the library, and finished it in that day. besnya if can live in the 70s music scene. mesti bes kumpul2 duit, sbb want to buy all the vinyls. i love seeing organized vinyls. i think if until now we still use vinyls, prolly we would appreciate music better. yaka? i think la. if me la. lain org lain la pendapatnya hee.

side note: the movie that i love to watch again and again and again and again and..

i'm not there.
fuu. nangg bes. again, this is a 'music autobio' movie. and dari tajuk, dah tauk it is about bob dylan. his life. in this movie, if watched sambil lewa, mmg mcm belit2 n sik paham. tp if hayati mmg bes. because the director chose to have different actors play the different stages of dylan's life. actor suma layan2 juak. bale, ledger, gere, wishaw, and blanchett. and byk lagik. julianne moore pun ada, cameo by sonic youth's kim gordon pun ada in this movie. the best part is? blanchett plays bob dylan. surprisingly.. KEDAK!. nang pande macho indah cate blanchet. lalu ragu2 saya ngan sexuality saya. o jian o. hahahah buurrrak ajak. directed by todd haynes. 2007.


farah.marzuki said...

ah lamak sik maca book kamek tok. wow lah .klak coba carik...!

Bujang Sarawak said...

The Beatles... I like it.. Walaupun sik lahir zaman nya. Tapi till today kamek gik dengar The Beatles...

daria.lala said...

hahah lucu nya dah part last ya. part nya explain gine si ray ternampak john. sbb nya nampak yoko. op. sikbole cita lebeh. lak farah sik meli lak :P

nyalah kaz. me love beatles too. :)

Res Judicata said...

eh eh..mek asa mek ada crita tok nak?? buku ya ada kat ktk ka? ka kmk dah sik ingat gik cne mek simpan?

Bujang Sarawak said...

Do you want to know a secret?,
Do you promise not to tell?, whoa oh oh.......

Let me whisper in your ear,
Say the words you long to hear........

Tekak tok lagu apa mun kitak minat The Beatles?

daria said...

sikda mek minjam dari kitak ti.. kitak lupape sinone tak simpan ya :D

daria.lala said...

u wrote the title oledi hihi

do u want to know a secret? :)

(aok aok i wanna know plis)

daria.lala said...


xaximie said...

muka kenin duak2 menurun ke tepi (mata layuk)..
mulut menggetap biber ckit..
tgn sblh megang rokok..
rmbt rucei..

uufff... macho ehs!

khairul onggon said...

ehem.. i think u can write ur own book wat?? Hihi.. Dah lamak sik baca buku kedak tok.. Pemalas kali.. Tapi mun magazine nang kmk sik penah miss la especially yg berkaitan ngan IT dan Kamera.. :)

daria.lala said...

sama kita onggon.

mek majalah camera byk juak di beli mek. tp mun dkch, kat magazino bes mag nya, mag oversea murah nya njual mun past editions.

kita tok nak ncarik nak murah jak o hahahah. tp logik la nak. dah lepas, turun la rega nyooo