Sunday, November 2, 2008

im a grown up

my feet is suffering from blisters again. damn, seems like everything is making my feet worse. the thing is, i got these blisters from flip flops! i have been wearing flip flops my whole life, and my feet have never gotten any of these small, ugly, rounded, red-dish little stuff that will end up looking still small, still ugly, still kind of rounded but a bit distorted, but brown-ish this time, which is making them look uglier! huhuhu. and i have this rubber shoes, that i have been wearing for almost 1.5 yrs now, and for 10 months my feet are fine, but after that, blisters too! aren't they supposed to be like, looser? more comfortable? this year is the first year im experiencing blisters, i have never gotten them before, albeit im wearing a-size-smaller shoes, non comfortable shoes, and my favourite osaki slippers which i wore everywhere i go including shopping malls (except when im going out with the babes, im afraid they'll be embarassed of me).

hmm. is it me? is it our body? im no longer young and 'dangerous', well uh, still quite young & quite 'dangerous', but you know, it's like our body is not fresh and tight and white(?) like it used to be. i think 10% of it is true, that as we get older, our skin age too and seeing my lifestyle this year, im not as healthy as i was, so i guess it kinda effects my skin too. that's why they say (who are 'they' btw) :

  • after 25, our metabolism is getting slower/lower (hence my ongoing inch-loss challenge)
  • when we were young, we learn and adapt skills very quickly
  • when we were young, we care less about the everything else, and the biggest problems were like 'how to make my crush see me', 'why didnt he take me to the prom', 'wow this guy is cute & i want to add him in ms/fs/fb etc and the biggest responsibility was 'study hard, get good grades meaning will get good job (which is not necessarily true)', but when we reach adulthood, we care, about life, friends, family, job, money, serious relationships, future, what else, name it. and the biggest problems are orbiting these things. responsibilities, obligations. the point is we grow up. (hence the wrinkle/worry lines - but i got my wrinkles/lines from laughing a lot when i was younger. :D
but adulthood is not that bad though, it is very, very interesting world. no more mommy and daddy dealing for us, we are on our own. we experience power. but no matter our age is, keep our hearts young, take care of yourself, be healthy, look younger.

and i will try to take care of my feet. (BioOil is very effective on the scars).


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Res Judicata said...

babe, none of us will be embarassed by you if you use ur osaki slippers :p