Sunday, May 6, 2012

"it is a break up song, but a very romantic one"

i said to him. 

singing along to '11am' from Morning View I was automatically felt the rush of those moments.

early 20s.
my guitar.
first incubus concert.
i even wished if i had a break up, the person who broke up with me should dedicate that song to me.
that said, not to forget, the stupidity ;P
oh youth.
i miss you.

sitting at the driver's seat next to me, he said to me,
'im glad you're so happy,and i love you'.

we went to a great CD and book store, and spent almost an hour, scouring through the CDs, and being in awe, because there were a lot of CDs, and some of them weren't available anymore in my hometown. albums from the 90s, original CDs, and although it is a digital era, for the price of 750Yen (USD9) for a total of 5 original CDs, we ended up buying 10 CDs. I picked up 3 of Incubus' CDs - SCIENCE, Make Yourself and Morning View. I wanted to look for Fungus Amongus, but we didnt have much time as the shop was about to close. 

We also bought 6 boyz II men CDs, and I picked up my high school fav, Five. hihi. I'm gonna collect all those BSBs as well. Those moments sure automatically rolling back to me for sure, when i listen to these songs.

do you feel like this too? when you listen to a certain song, esp from the past, you get all those feelings again, the familiar setting, the familiar scent, and all those things. i think we all do.



Colors and Grays said...

I agree with you. When you start playing songs from the past, all memories connected to that certain song will come flooding which makes yesterday your today.

Colors and Grays

Kasia said...

oh dear, how good to see I'm not the only one sentimental!

AmirFX said...

Zaman kmk juak dolok.. N'Sync dak BSB dak Mofet dan macam2 gik boy band time ya...

daria said...

i know right. makes me miss those days.

daria said...

kasia, i hope we were born in the same era. that way we could be sentimental together! ahahah. what year were u born? ;P

daria said...

kasia: oh okay, i saw ur age already. too bad im like 8 years older. omg!! @.@ but im always young at worries :D

daria said...

yalah mir. layap jak mek belagu ya laki mk suk nangga hepi yg lain, keexcited-an yg nya lom nangga hehehe

Banannie said...

I've felt this before!!
..and I remember writing down, 'I've been listening to the music i loved few years back. and then i wondered, why i didn't meet you years ago'

aww. sad.
reading this entry brought me back to that moment!

daria said...

Awwww..but I always think even it was a sad moment, im glad it's in our memories. . :)

Noa Hamrin said...

Five BSB n BoyzIIMen r so us!! ! You shud carik Britney n Az Yet too bebe :) oh I miss those day when we wrote the lyric fancifully on small square paper :) creative rasaaaa :)

daria said...

Mmg creative aieeee! Ne da urg lain molah.taduak jak :p aok britney ada suma.yalahhh, azyet pun bes. Alu x saba nak g kedei ya agk tok hahah

daria said...

Btw I also bought alanis first album. Rebel lok youuu :p

Noa Hamrin said...

Aok ehhhh.. Alanis Morissette is legend :) sukaaaa time ya, sealbum2 lagu diingat kita ow. .time dihukum berembun oleh ustaz rahimi alu molah konset. .btw, mek ada anak buah nama Alanis Maryssa, nang suka terkiak kaong molah lagu dikpun..