Thursday, October 25, 2012

ok im just gonna confess

i have finished reading all three 50 shades series. although the writing could be so much better, but it's still ok -- for a fan-fiction, and should i say.. Christian Grey, oh Christian Grey...

Boys are gonna be in trouble cuz Mr Grey has established a very high standards for a perfect man. Hehehe

So now, without it (I was always looking forward to 11pm everynight - the time I assigned to read them), I kinda miss Christian.

Cant wait for the movie.

So, I imagined Ian Somerhalder as the perfect Christian - at least for me.. I mean look at these

The smirk

Those eyes

And I also think Matt Bomer is suitable for Christian Grey.

a very CEO Mr Grey

And then today, for a split second I reconsidered Chace Crawford when I saw --

kiut aie!

But then, I always go back to Ian. Because the description fits very well in my head, and also because everytime I see Ian smirk, or smile (90% from the vampire diaries), I would go..

"Adoh doh doh doh mahwaku"


but, if Christian's  not 27, then I would choose no other than Christian Bale to play it. *smitten*

OH, I just hope they dont cast Rob Pattinson. Pleaseeeeeeee dont, angol ngan matanya.

p/s: yes, i am still very very much in love with my husband, and he understands how i react about Mr Grey. hahaha


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Friday, October 5, 2012

time for a mini vacay

i love traveling lightly

in-laws are coming tomorrow, for 10 days!

so i guess im off-workout and will be eating big for 10 days! yay! (not that i am restricting before hahah)
i will post up some pics of the mini vacay next!

have a great weekend efryone :)