Monday, December 26, 2011

My Wedding [11.11.11 - 13.11.11]

Uhh, where do i begin.

This is why i shouldn't be lazy updating the blog. Lucky this is a blog, if it's the old Mr Diary, the diary wouldve been thinner(byk kenak bisak sbb salah tulis) or dirty (mala kensel2 salah tulis).

Anywho, this is a diary entry, and if you are reading this, you can skip directly to the pictures, but i am telling the short stories of my preparation before the pictures.

Ok, so lets divide this thing into categories:

The Place:
We chose Kuching Park Hotel as the place for both of our receptions; as it will be easier, it was a full package - tables,chairs,PA system,food,door gift,cake,and the waiters. The only downside was that max tables to be fit in is 50. Now there goes the hardest part, to shortlist the invitations. But as we expected, 80% of the guests came, and i was worried that there wont be many guests as there were lotsa peeps getting married on the same day as i did. But I was very happy to see those who came. Thank you!

The Guests
As 90% of my planning time was spent in Japan, I thought I need to make a platform for me, sayang, my family and sayang's family to communicate, to finalized our to do lists. So i made a simple management system for us to manage all the guests, thus producing how many cards should we print, and to do lists, and also discussion board. It proved to be useful, i was surprised. :D guess it was because they actually USE something that i developed.

The Dais a.k.a Pelamin
This was an easy choice, as i was looking for a fresh designer, with very reasonable price, and knows what i wanted. Azreen was the right choice. Sarah introduced her facebook page to me, and without thinking any further, I contacted her, requested for her portfolio and quotation, and the next thing I was there at her house, booking our dates, and discussing minor details. While in Japan, i basically told her the look that i wanted, and the color palette that she could use for color choices.

So basically for my reception day, I gave her a purple palette, and sayang's side reception they chose an aqua-ish color. I've had to play around with the colors in photoshop, so i could match these colors with our wedding dresses. At the end, i found the right purple and the right aqua... then only we decided on the color for my dresses. What i knew, I didnt want to be drowned in the pelamins. We need to can i say it, pop.

The Makeup Artist
The biggest fear of a bride to be is to look oogleh (ugly disebut secara baku) on her wedding day. I was lucky I picked the right makeup artist, and boy he is an artist. What he did took only 15-20mins, but I didnt look too different, yet i thought i look good, considering I never put even foundation on, whenever I go out of the house, and office, or anywhere I go. The only thing that is usually on my face is moisturizer. So, agak 'tebah' la kata urg. Only downside was he couldnt make a slot for me on 11/11. so i had other people made me up.

The Photographer
This was also considered as my one lucky factor, as sayang is the cousin of one of the most talented photographer in Kuching, piccherita. So we managed to have him & his team on day 1 till day 3. As it turned out, just before our wedding, NTV7 contacted piccherita and wanted to do coverage on their work, so, we agreed to have NT7 in one of our receptions. I think it was out few weeks ago in NTV7. Their work are so, so exceptional.

The Videographer & Live Feed
I am also blessed with a talented brother and he was assigned the videographer task to cover before and during the wedding. He has not come up with a final edit yet, but his same-day-edit video was also really really nice, as he edited that himself, and have a friend helped him to shoot for the wedding. The same-day-edit including solemnisation ceremony was played during the reception, because the solemnisation was attended by close friends and family members only. Another lucky thing (hehe) was I managed to get hold of an ex-student and a friend of mine, who wanted to test his MCP (multicamera production) equipments, and offered a very good price for me. My ceremonies were their first job, and they did very well on those days, no glitches (that i know of). When i found out the ballroom was a narrow rectangle, the live feed service was a last minute item in my list, that is why i said i was lucky to have RoomBulak to cover this for me.

and lastly..

The Dresses
Ah, my dresses.The most expensive purchase of them all. why? because they were made 18 days before the wedding. I couldnt take any risk to send it to a Japanese tailor, plus i dont speak Japanese really well, but i already had The Tailor in mind, Mandy. If you are curvy like me, you will find the need to make your own dress, and because it is for The Day, you want everything to fit well. I didnt want to risk making my dresses at a bridal either for this fear of fitting me good enough in 18 days. This is the only item on my list i want to have 150% control of. It will determine how Ill look in my pictures. So i asked sayang to book Mandy 4 months in advanced, and she agreed to settle 3 dresses in 18 days. Plus i dont think any other tailors sanggup nak ngambik in this duration.

Well, both of my dresses are simple ones, ones that i know will flatter my shape, ones that i know will make my legs look longer. When it was fitting time, they were perfect, i remembered smiling in the fitting room and feeling grateful. The fitting was 3 days before the wedding, finished on time, perfect detailing, just like i wanted, and wearing them makes me feel very beautiful (this is important, cuz i am not the most beautiful girl on earth, but on that day, i was and still am the most beautiful lady in front of sayang's eyes :D). The reception dresses are much inspired by Princess Grace Kelly's dress, esp on the buttons and the pleated waist.

I bought all the fabrics and laces myself in Tokyo. God they were expensive, but compared to marked up price in Malaysia, i think theyre still cheaper. We finally agreed on champagne for day 1 and silver for day 2.. the champagne lace was a princess lace, and i forgot the name/kind of the silver lace but they are equally pretty. For solemnisation, i wore a white dress, with a red keringkam.

As i mentioned before, i wont wear any tiaras on my head, so i made up my scarfs, by buying plain cotton scarfs, and sewing the laces on them. they looked great.

Friends might have seen all the pictures in my facebook, but to those who havent, here goes:

front view of solemnisation dress. love it. love it.

full view of the dress

Dress Day 1

of course, my favourite shot. all the magic is there.


full view of dress 1

the pwetty dais

full view of ekor dress 1

dais for day 2

silver for day 2

full view of dress 2

well, i should stop here. there are so many things i want to type about. another entry i guess.

much love. xoxo.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

busy bee, busy baby


i am currently busy preparing for my wedding. been running around here and there, confirming my details, revisiting the hall, getting measured for my wedding dresses - there are three of them, and i got myself measured just 18 days before the wedding, hee2. i will attend my fitting this coming 8th. hope i wont get any fatter by then (crossing fingers). and i am kinda proud to say to myself that i haven't been pigging out since i came back. besides all these, i was busy DIY-ing my wedding invites, and will start distributing em starting tomorrow. i have two designs, one is more common, and traditional, and another is more unorthodox, as i always wish for.

another DIY that i need to do is my head piece as i wont be wearing a tiara/crown. i dont know why, i just dont like it to sit on my head, maybe it's too common for me. well, i just discovered how fussy i am, but it's my wedding, a once in a lifetime event with the man i love.i have visioned everything in my mind since i know that this is the man i am going to marry (i was not engaged yet at that time :P), that even when Aunt Mandy passed me the file of designs, i just went through it without being interested in any of designs.. i have all cutouts ready for her. I just hope that the outcome is as i expected, if not better. :)

well here are my cards, i think i can reveal it now since ill be distributing em tomorrow. the top one is a 3 piece 13x13, round-cornered,tied by black&gold ribbon. printed at Lee Miing,tied by myself & my sisters, and round-cornered by myself & my brother. the second one is ala save the date cum youre invited card, a one piece, 2 paged card, with a specky wonderwoman (me :P) and mr batman (sayang). the superhero invitation is a limited edition card, i only get 30pieces printed. both are designed with love :P hehehe.

if you're getting married and you want a simple piece from dariagraphy designs, then dont hesitate <3

Friday, October 21, 2011

mixed feelings.

im going home in a few days.

few days!

6 months passed by just like that. yikes. there are a lot of stuff to do or to pack and what's important is I cant forget anything in Jp. right now im imagining what my dress for the 3-day-event would & should look like, because im explaining it to the tailor this Monday.

yea, imma be a bride, and imma be one of the few who has the dress came last in the wedding list. i just hope everything goes well.

everyone seems happy in the lab today. i dont know why. it's a good vibe or sum'in sum'in.

i am actually happy. and despite of my unfinished weight loss, i didnt control anything this week. i just...


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am back

Well, after a few times in these two years i blurted out 'i miss blogging' & 'wish i could blog this', finally i am back! good thing i didnt delete my old blogposts from blogspot last time, so now i can just continue with what i have.
i'll try to be consistent this time.

piu piu.

and seeing my past pics, my god i was slim. what happened to me?! hahah