Friday, February 27, 2009


woke up feeling sluggish today

am stressed out i guess


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

so little time, but..

yep, so much to do.
so many things to achieve.
im juggling.
everyone is juggling with everything.

but in spite of these jugglings, im proud of some things that i did to myself:

i) this is my 100th entry (yes i know u guys have more than 100, but this is an achievement for me, since before this i always abu2 if mukak blog)

ii) i managed to jot down EVERY single expense, withdrawal, transfer, payment, & plan my budget/savings for more than a month now. well i actually have my template that i create meself and about to give it to my babes, tepulang if they wanna use (since xaximie ada buku kiut tek youu). i called my template My Budget GPS (tagline: 'where did the money go?') or MIMO ('money in money out').

now im browsing thru insurance plans. ill be 26 this year and future planning is around the roundabout, hehe. mok jadi cam effa.ashley ngan que sera sera in urmmm 20+ years klak, ngehehehe. *sambil bejalan ngembak kolkulator besar effa, dan berkata 'matang matang matang

iii) i am opening another template, for my workout routine and calorie intake. i joined our gym here, i plan to go 5 days a week, and i wanna see the calories consumed n gone, my achievement on the treadmill (miles), but not weight. because in the end i might be at the same weight, just that the fat is substituted with muscles.

iv) my Msc convo, next month! :) Alhamdulillah, thx to this job. mun sik, i dont think i ever thought about pursuing my studies.

v) ..and there are like several more achievements that i cant put it in public for some reasons. :)

but, when we are gaining, there are things we're losing. i think:

i) i lose my efficiency. a lot. i seldom complain, so i wont notice but seriously i need to sort myself out. there are times that no task is completed at the end of the day. i dont think it is the workload, yes, it is too much than i can handle, but to think positively, main cause is my time management. and yet here i am, typing here. (well this is still lunch time, so sikpa, hee). i want my efficiency back, and to have extra time i need to call my bff - miss insomnia. because going to the office during weekends is just not enough. i still have lots to do. eran juak.

ii) hm. i cant think of anything else besides (i).
i still remember what one of my bosses told me before i went for my Msc.
"we will miss your efficiency" - Dr. A

AND I WANT IT BACK! (background theme: sora sengong justin timbelek belagu i want u back) 

mari mari sambong2 keja.

magnus: "towards efficiency and effectiveness for quality!"
soundwave & bbee : "yeaaahh!"
ravage: *tercungap2 sambil lileh aek lio*

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my beautiful babe's engagement

14 02 was a special day for her
not because it was the v-day
but it was her e-day

she was so happy
and for the first time
she was not always sick like before
wish you good health, good love, good life babe

we babes love you
aokla aokla haizar too.

gine ngija nahas tek?
nun alep - naaa
ha alep esss - has
nyaruk urup 's' lam mukaddam

btw these are some pics to be shared, taken by me on the day

"oh silo kah? upss sorry morryy" 

anggor temuan

ferero rocher temuan

"i pun ingin 5 juak cucuk kembar, yalah i too koh"

"yay dango mekk"

sik sah mun dtg umah siti sik ngaco topi jowo bapak siti. ahaha
apaaaka pk ku posing gia kah. HAUMM


all pictures belong to dariagraphy©

Friday, February 13, 2009

my comfort zone

last december, when i reported my duty, i had babe xaximie to help me moved furniture around in my room. i remembered that day. Mr The One was not mine yet, but that day i spoke to his father on the phone, and i passed my camera charger. hee. they were going to singapore. just 2 days before my heart fell out from my chest (yes it is inside again now, safe and sound)

xaximie n i proceeded to my office to arrange my stuff, and lepas berjam2 miker gineee nak nyusun. we ended up susun like this.

eh cekolok, assistant antek and stylo mek posing dolok :D

hee. kosongkan? baruk mula keja balit tekk.

so one day, me and my super two colleagues, que sera sera and jamy (kedua dua bukan nama sebenar), helped me to move stuff around, again, since i complained i did not have a rest spot like all of my colleague's room. so this is how my room looked now.


my door, and my kiddies in front of me

my rest/solat spot. yay got oredi. :)

ups kantoi nama sebenar que sera sera tek ahaha

so this is my comfort zone. i love my room. i love doing work here. and lately i always go home late in the evening, to finish stuff. i came by on weekends. yea, it is my fav place. it is also zen here. i love my job, although sometimes seeing no common sense in front of me is kinda hmmm... what is the right word. but all and all i love my job. im glad im what i am :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

mena kata fieza

bila lekak maca fieza mpun entry nok tok --->> klik di sini pliss
mula la rasa emolicious ku nait balit.

sbb ku maseh ingga.
besar gilak la kita tok za?
mena kata kitak, mun jaik di mata eboh tangga nak o.
sidak ya lommmmm bah
mun gik setakat nak madah badan ku besar jadi isu.
makseh jak
ada melobo gik kelebehan ku dari sidak.

rangka ku besar okay
i have man-sized tapak tangan
tangan tok mun bedepak ranchhhakk juak nak ngaver bekas depak ku ya tek

p yaala tek.
mun di ekot byk juak k balas. 
tapi yala tek
biar urg jaik ngan kita jgn kita jaik ngan urg.
jangan plentey sebarang walau aku kaki plentey

sexi juak aku tok bah. yah agik.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my detoxification - how i do it

hellew kawan2

some friends had asked me 'camne ktk detox on?'
so, i think, it would be easier if i share my way of detoxification to everyone.

first of all, detox is not for ppl who wants to lose weight only, in fact, everyone should detox every now and then so that our insides are clean, and also to keep our mind sharp. kadang2 you will see a very yellow-ish eyeball (mata puteh yg agak kuning), that is one of the signs that you have a lot of toxins in your body. toxins come from, asap2 kilang, asap rokok (which def affect perokok him/herself), delicious food, dan bermacam macam lagi (yoseh).

i detox myself at least 3 times a year. i detox before i start my diet because, it will make us easier to lose weight, sbb insides dah clean, so bila makan pun dijaga, maka berkesan lah dietnya. bukan nya cannot lose weight if didnt detox, tp slow la, since nok kotor kemaik meher masih ada lam body.

ini bahan2 yg saya ada if i want to detox.
usually i detox myself 5 - 7 days.
then baru start diet.

TruDtox tea
5 sachets (~RM30), for 5 days
carik di watsons or pharmacy only, cuz guardian sik jual
minum pagi before makan apa2

sik perlu beli yg super mahal di guardian.
tunggu pasar minggu, ada anti nok tua2 kit ya, biasanya area depan choice food.
nya jual loofah super besar, and made from petola itself.
ya baruk bes..

loofah is for Dry Brushing & During Shower Brushing
gosok, i mean gasak (hahaha) tempat2 yg rasa nya lemak tebal, usually
arms, back arms, butt, back thighs, mana2 yg nampak orange peel.

gasak-ing will promote blood flow to the areas, because actually bahagian 
tebal itu stays tebal kerana bahagian itu tidak breathing. kenapa tidak breathing? dead skin cells are covering the whole part. but your skin looks fine? coba lok gasak, then see the sabun on the floor, if dead skin cells byk, the sabun mcm berkepul kepul, bukan cair buih buihan

epal ijauuu. 
sorry, time nak snap this pic, my babies gago juak nak posing.
so epal ijo. yeah.
masam, lambat abis, n bila dah berjaya ngabis,
mulut da kepak ngunyah, so da sikda mood nak makan nok lain.
i take this as replacement for my main & snacking meals.

and yg paling penting is...

WATAAA, wata, wata wata & Exercise.
enuff said.

selamat berdetox :)
i will update after a week if i lose weight ka apa ka. ok?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

how do i keep you close to my heart

yesterday i had a lunch date with my babe xaximie, so while waiting for her to arrive, i snapped some pics on 'how do i keep you close to my heart'

well, this is my staff card. ya itu gamba 3 taun dahulu. fringe was so in youu! (konon) :P

tadaa, this is at the back of my staff card

hee, well, it was actually closer to my belly, rather than my heart. because if the lanyard was shorter or longer than it is now, it will be closer to err.. let's just say inappropriate places. eek!!


havva nice day efryone!

helo again

hello folks. sorry for the very late update.
ive been so busy lately.
im not the kind of person who grumbles about my work,
but this time im really swamped.

never mind tho,
bcause i know ill be back.

till then.