Tuesday, February 24, 2009

so little time, but..

yep, so much to do.
so many things to achieve.
im juggling.
everyone is juggling with everything.

but in spite of these jugglings, im proud of some things that i did to myself:

i) this is my 100th entry (yes i know u guys have more than 100, but this is an achievement for me, since before this i always abu2 if mukak blog)

ii) i managed to jot down EVERY single expense, withdrawal, transfer, payment, & plan my budget/savings for more than a month now. well i actually have my template that i create meself and about to give it to my babes, tepulang if they wanna use (since xaximie ada buku kiut tek youu). i called my template My Budget GPS (tagline: 'where did the money go?') or MIMO ('money in money out').

now im browsing thru insurance plans. ill be 26 this year and future planning is around the roundabout, hehe. mok jadi cam effa.ashley ngan que sera sera in urmmm 20+ years klak, ngehehehe. *sambil bejalan ngembak kolkulator besar effa, dan berkata 'matang matang matang

iii) i am opening another template, for my workout routine and calorie intake. i joined our gym here, i plan to go 5 days a week, and i wanna see the calories consumed n gone, my achievement on the treadmill (miles), but not weight. because in the end i might be at the same weight, just that the fat is substituted with muscles.

iv) my Msc convo, next month! :) Alhamdulillah, thx to this job. mun sik, i dont think i ever thought about pursuing my studies.

v) ..and there are like several more achievements that i cant put it in public for some reasons. :)

but, when we are gaining, there are things we're losing. i think:

i) i lose my efficiency. a lot. i seldom complain, so i wont notice but seriously i need to sort myself out. there are times that no task is completed at the end of the day. i dont think it is the workload, yes, it is too much than i can handle, but to think positively, main cause is my time management. and yet here i am, typing here. (well this is still lunch time, so sikpa, hee). i want my efficiency back, and to have extra time i need to call my bff - miss insomnia. because going to the office during weekends is just not enough. i still have lots to do. eran juak.

ii) hm. i cant think of anything else besides (i).
i still remember what one of my bosses told me before i went for my Msc.
"we will miss your efficiency" - Dr. A

AND I WANT IT BACK! (background theme: sora sengong justin timbelek belagu i want u back) 

mari mari sambong2 keja.

magnus: "towards efficiency and effectiveness for quality!"
soundwave & bbee : "yeaaahh!"
ravage: *tercungap2 sambil lileh aek lio*


f.i.e.z.a said...

kiut ado wat dak trenpomes ya eh!

Res Judicata said...


mek mok $ GPS ktk... :p dari ria ktk mok berik..tp sik terberik2 juak :p hahaha

nOaL|c|Ous said...

mk wak eh money gps itak..mek tok byk ilak duit sampey x tauk cne tuju.. hehe~~ mish ya baybeh~

xaximie said...

kmk mok epektipnes jwakkkk!!!!

*join dak tenpomes angkt tgn*