Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thrift bags


This is an attempt to get back on my blogging series, and I will try to write at least an entry a day, albeit a short one. I really miss talking about fitness and such, deadlifting, squatting, and footworks (fast paced skipping) - oh how i miss these three, for now if I am practicing footworks, and the rope drops, I wouldn't know where the rope went, because of my big belly; and inability to see my feet.
But worry not, I still exercise, I walk -- a lot. I climb the stairs everyday because it's unavoidable, and I do maternity yoga. One thing that bugs me, my body decides that I need more and more padding, and these paddings are getting thicker everyday! EEE!

So, I guess, all my fitness talk will resume after the baby comes, after I recovered, after my confinement period. Right now I will talk about whatevs, and yea, baby stuff. hehehe.

So last night me and hubbs decided to buy a proper mattress, before I started feeling all achy all over (Alhamdulillah I haven't experienced any of the backpains yet. thanks to all those deadlifts - yes they are great for your back and butt) since I will be entering 8 months soon. And to set everything up in our cute room, I decided to do a mini cleanup for the whole room, including the closet.

When I was cleaning, I thought about how I am always fond of cheap stuff; esp bags, and to have access to these stuff, we need to have some love for thrift shopping. All the bags that I currently owned are either thrifted, or bought from consignment stores. So today I just want to share the ones that I got from thrift shopping.
These are all below MYR100 (after yen conversion).

Ferragamo bucket bag

I found this bag by accident, I was not planning to go to the thrift shop, but there it was, calling for me. hehe. I am not using this bag so often anymore, because of the scratches on the bag, causing the uneven-color-look, and I need to get it to a leather expert to polish or something. I got it for around MYR90-95.

YSL crossbody bag

I think this is a very old design of YSL? I am not sure, but I checked all the features of the bag, it seems authentic. I found this bag at a vintage shop, all stuff looks old including this bag. One thing that bugs me about it is that the colorings from my jeans and dresses transfer easily to this bag, and it is white, and i have to clean it all the time.. Luckily the canvas is in the low maintenance range, so it is quite easy to clean. Got this baby for MYR78 - 83.

Another crossbody bag

This baby is a plain brown bag, but I love it so much, that it gets to travel to Japan with me! :P
I found this at a house selling secondhand broken/old stuff in my hometown. The seller wanted to sell it for MYR40, but I ended up paying RM10, I forgot how the  deal went, I just know I went back with a smile on my face.

A classic 80's hand-me-downs from mom bag

This is one of the many good finds when I went thrift shopping. 97% excellent condition, smooth surface and all that. Inside there's a very classic coin compartment which I love very much. I haven't use this bag out yet, I figured that it suits a dinner party better than a regular shopping day. Guess how much I got this for.

MYR 3.00



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