Tuesday, June 11, 2013



It has been almost 4 months since I updated. Well, I am  busy, but not too busy that I couldn't write anything here, I was just being lazy. I've been wanting to tell every experience of my first pregnancy, but then it is quite the same with every first pregnancies, the excitement, the whats and the whys, the ouches that we experienced during sleep time on the pelvic bones when we are moving from left to right and so on.

But what I am surprised most about myself is my hormones. I am sensitive, but I seldom cry watching sad movies. I never even cried watching Hindustan's movies. Raju Chacha didnt do anything to me, but my bestie-slash-roomie during my undergraduate cried a river, and I was there to console her.

So currently I am 7 and a half months pregnant, and I experienced emotional rollercoaster few times already. Nothing serious, but when I looked back, not that those moments were nothing serious, they were actually nothing to get hormonal about. Hehe.

The most hormonal one that I experienced was when we were going for a morning walk one day, and I couldn't find my five-fingered socks, as my workout shoes are not regular sneakers (I love my adidas adipure fivefingers, and I am never coming back to regular sneakers). I thought for a while, 'maybe it's ok not to wear socks' but then again i thought 'it's a 7km path, i need the socks', so the last option was to wear the regular socks, with my only-once-used sneakers in the cupboard. It was a pair that I bought long time ago, with thick soles and all, but when I put on my socks, I imagined my toes all stuffed, too close to each other, and with the toes stuffed and those thick soles, I would lose my balance. I continued putting on the sneakers and tried to stand up. My heart was racing, already imagining myself on the lake track, losing balance and all and I felt I want to burst there and then.

This is because when you wear a five fingered shoes, your toes are properly spaced, and it provides you better balance, and you could run/walk naturally..like the barefoot feeling. I almost shed a tear when hubbs suddenly came and pass me the fivefinger socks. oh my god! saved my life! I didn't tell him the hormonal episode until after our workout, and yea he laughed at me :D

There were few more episodes but none as dramatic as this one, including the one I had this morning, when I discovered I gained too much weight, despite of my crazy long walking hours here and there while in Tokyo, and while Malaysian delegates visited my uni last week. If I was not pregnant, those walks and less eating would cause me to lose 2kgs! I told my husband how much I gained with a slurred voice, feeling my face red, and tears were on their way up, but I managed to calm down before seeing the doctor. Luckily the doctor didn't comment on that, probably because there are no other problems on my sugar levels and blood pressure.

But then, seeing how much my Baby K grows, I feel very happy, esp this morning, with those cute cheeks, cute button nose n cute lips.. I can't wait to hold Baby K in my arms.

Till then!



Sue said...

Aihhh cute eh. Nangga gambar scan jak dah geram. Pipi moyom :D

Nurrul Mohamad said...

Yalah sue, xpat d picit alu pp bapaknya jd mangsa ahahah