Friday, January 13, 2012

TV series addict

i'm a TV series addict. at least i think i am. i watched too many, and actually following them to the last episode every week. let me list down all the TV series that i have watched every episode & currently following:
  1. Friends (series finished)
  2. Ugly Betty (series finished)
  3. The OC(series finished)
  4. Weeds (series finished) 
  5. Sex & The City (series finished)
  6. Desperate Housewives
  7. Grey's Anatomy
  8. Private Practice
  9. How I Met Your Mother
  10. New Girl
  11. Glee
  12. Gossip Girl
  13. Two & A Half Men
  14. Hart of Dixie 
  15. Pretty Little Liars
  16. and the latest edition (baruk khatam 5 series last night) The Big Bang Theory

I have 11 shows to watch every week. I dont have a TV here, so this is basically just enuff for me. If i dont have these, i dont know how can i carry on with my studies. yeseh. drama drama.

how bout you?



AmirFX said...

Olaaaa... Lamak dh sik singgah blog ktk tok.. Ingt kmk ngn ktk.. Kmk pernah terculik URL ktk.. hihi.. Nway, cita bersiri kmk banyak juak yang ditengok.. Kaktok kmk list dalam entry baru kmk...

daria said...

aok hahaha kes culik kitak ria. mek baruk nak bejinak balit tok memblog

f.loren said...

mek bok diat new girl ria! skali diat alu terus abis .. sik sabar nunggu next episode haha

daria said...

@F, kiut oh zooey. new eps is tomorrow~~