Monday, April 13, 2009

life, it's hmm..

'life is peachy'
that is what i would say.

a person with a heart, a mind
a person who sometimes wanted to be blunt, so badly,
but afraid that people will get hurt.
a person who wanted to speak what is on her mind,
just let it flow, but she couldnt.
but somehow it is the opposite when she is on the receiving end.
people are blunt, her feelings are harmed, but ignored.
people express whats on their mind, blended with gloat,
while she suffocates, her throat bottle-necked,
but she only expresses her amused face.

what is life to us?
we work, we play, we eat, we workout,
so time will be filled.
a day will be formed.
so we can answer the 'how was your day?' question.
so we feel that we did something, at the end of the day.

but life is like a learning curve,
we learn something new, and we adapt.
life is not linear,
people change,
situations turned awkward,
jokes are not funny,
laughters are faked out,

life is a good teacher,
human learn best by mistakes,
so, 'How's life?', they asked,
i'll say 'life is peachy' with a smile.


hamimah said...

Sometimes people are just too selfish..

daria.lala said...

yes. true mimah. hm

1412 said...


for me life is like a roller coaster. there is ups and downs. loops, double and triple. some people cheer. some people cry.

at the end. everyone will share their experiences. their feelings when they took the ride.


dedek_ngegeh said...

r u ok? u don't sound like it..but i like the poem; i assume?

daria.lala said...

not really dek, but im getting better. thanks for liking the poem :)

Res Judicata said...

huhu... slow kedak kura-kura saya tok.

hope you're feeling much better babe. klak saya balit mak saya polah cream cheese cake. lak kita share2 ah :) lebey kurang sama epek kedak mam eskrem juak mam kek ya :) nyumss :p