Sunday, October 30, 2011

busy bee, busy baby


i am currently busy preparing for my wedding. been running around here and there, confirming my details, revisiting the hall, getting measured for my wedding dresses - there are three of them, and i got myself measured just 18 days before the wedding, hee2. i will attend my fitting this coming 8th. hope i wont get any fatter by then (crossing fingers). and i am kinda proud to say to myself that i haven't been pigging out since i came back. besides all these, i was busy DIY-ing my wedding invites, and will start distributing em starting tomorrow. i have two designs, one is more common, and traditional, and another is more unorthodox, as i always wish for.

another DIY that i need to do is my head piece as i wont be wearing a tiara/crown. i dont know why, i just dont like it to sit on my head, maybe it's too common for me. well, i just discovered how fussy i am, but it's my wedding, a once in a lifetime event with the man i love.i have visioned everything in my mind since i know that this is the man i am going to marry (i was not engaged yet at that time :P), that even when Aunt Mandy passed me the file of designs, i just went through it without being interested in any of designs.. i have all cutouts ready for her. I just hope that the outcome is as i expected, if not better. :)

well here are my cards, i think i can reveal it now since ill be distributing em tomorrow. the top one is a 3 piece 13x13, round-cornered,tied by black&gold ribbon. printed at Lee Miing,tied by myself & my sisters, and round-cornered by myself & my brother. the second one is ala save the date cum youre invited card, a one piece, 2 paged card, with a specky wonderwoman (me :P) and mr batman (sayang). the superhero invitation is a limited edition card, i only get 30pieces printed. both are designed with love :P hehehe.

if you're getting married and you want a simple piece from dariagraphy designs, then dont hesitate <3

Friday, October 21, 2011

mixed feelings.

im going home in a few days.

few days!

6 months passed by just like that. yikes. there are a lot of stuff to do or to pack and what's important is I cant forget anything in Jp. right now im imagining what my dress for the 3-day-event would & should look like, because im explaining it to the tailor this Monday.

yea, imma be a bride, and imma be one of the few who has the dress came last in the wedding list. i just hope everything goes well.

everyone seems happy in the lab today. i dont know why. it's a good vibe or sum'in sum'in.

i am actually happy. and despite of my unfinished weight loss, i didnt control anything this week. i just...


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am back

Well, after a few times in these two years i blurted out 'i miss blogging' & 'wish i could blog this', finally i am back! good thing i didnt delete my old blogposts from blogspot last time, so now i can just continue with what i have.
i'll try to be consistent this time.

piu piu.

and seeing my past pics, my god i was slim. what happened to me?! hahah