Monday, January 30, 2012

A little bit of this and that, healthy and cheap

Yesterday, we decided not to cook for dinner, and dine out. Usually we will dine out on weekends, or when we are kehabisan barang makan mentah. Yesterday was the first time we went to this shop in Apita, as sayang said, 'Kamek rindu makanan jepun' (and he meant besides sushi) as we always cook the typical malaysian dishes at home. I also miss japanese dishes, so yesterday's dinner was quite awesome. The set was cheap, 990Yen per set (fyi, anything under 1000yen is considered cheap), and we had a bit of soba, a bit of sashimi, a bit of tempura with little rice, and a bit of japanese dessert (means not sugar-sweet, but natural sweet) in each set. Worth every penny.

muka sik saba nak mam. kiut. *micit pipi sayang*

muka sik tauk nak mam ne dolok.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why I love Sushiro

Hellew... today i would like to share my love for one of the sushi chains in Japan. If you have the opportunity to visit Japan, come and nikmati sushi at a place name Sushiro. Why? Here goes my list.

#1: Sistem layan diri sendiri selepas diberi tempat duduk

Biasanya krew2 Sushiro akan menyambut kita and ask where we would like to seat, counter or table. so kalau x full, we like to sit at the counter so boleh ngadap conveyor belt. Tapi the tables pun semua tepi conveyor belt, so no problem lah.

So sampai seats, boleh ambil sendiri green tea cups, and kicap plates.

#2: Sistem kaut green tea sendiri

Up to you, hijau muda, hijau kaler gunung, hijau lumut? kaut lah, unlimited. :D

#3: Sistem Paip Air Panas di Kaunter

Every 2 seats, or every table sets akan ada paip air panas for green tea. Makanya, tak payah panggil2 krew2 to top up green tea kita.

*makin puteh kekaseh ku lamak diam jepun. (jeles)

#4: Sistem amik pickles sesuka hati.

Ini pun the same as the green tea, amik lah byk2 if suka, unlimited :D

#5: Sistem sushi berlabel

This one i like, boleh practice my japanese reading, plus tersusun lah bila ada label. senang nak tauk apa nama sushi ya, x perlu katalog. Seperti gambar dibawah, label di depan, sushi di belakang. Jadi biasanya lepas bancuh green tea sendiri, ready kicap ready wasabi ready pickles, maka boleh lah menunggu sushi2 yang lalu lalang.

#6: Sistem order touch touch

Kalau rasa macam sushi yang ditunggu tidak tiba, order saja, every table is equipped with one screen order. Bes oh? X perlu tunggu2 krew, and krew pun x perlu tunggu tunggu kita ter'errm...ermm' masa pilih order.

* Model saya tersalah guna jari. solii :P

#7: Sistem auto delivery

Lagi sekali kita tak perlu wait for krew to antar order kita. If you're wondering, 'Eh camne nak tauk order sampai if tengah bz bz makan?' Jejeng, skrin touch touch akan mengeluarkan Muzika Sushimu Dah Datang, prolly ada RFID digunakan because muzika akan berbunyi bila order da dekat on the conveyor belt. Skrin akan listkan apa sushi yang sampai. Kadang2 few orders sampey dolok, others kemudian.

*that is dariagraphy© in kana, hehe

#8: Sistem kaunter & table color-coded

If you're wondering 'If ramai2 order yang sama, camne nak tauk which ones are ours?' jejeng lagi, makanya, telah diselesaikan dengan color coded tables, so atas conveyor belt akan ada bowl yang ada same color with our table. Seperti gambar dibawah, counter kami kaler coklet, so bakul order pun ada sticker coklet. Senang oh? :) And yes, you cannot steal from other people's bakul hehehe

#9: Sushi fresh and gemokkk.

Lihat lah salmon ku ini. gems gilsss

#10: Dessert yang super nyems sekals!

*Left: Pannacota Right: Tiramisu

#11: Sistem tekan button mintak kira plates 

Setelah lama tidak mengganggu krew2 sushiro, we will call them again, apabila nak bayar. button also d meja masing2. memang efficientlah!

So there, 11 things i love about Sushiro. Eh wait, another one. dengan sistem seefficient ini, you may be wondering, berapa lah harga sushinya? Jawapannya, all main hidangan berharga 105Yen only! Price differ for only few other things, such as some of the desserts, and tempura, and udon based hidangan. Pun still murah. 

Still bes nak oh?

<3 xoxo

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yesterday and Today

hello there. today is not a very productive day for me, maybe because of the cold. as much as i love snow, i dont like it very much if my eyes are affected by the flying ice bubbles. atit mata mek bila ais ya masok2 mata. yesterday was a nice sunny day, no snow no nothing. but today, it has started again. im used to it tho, i dont wear gloves anywhere i go anymore, and i dont wear that awful 'muscle2' sweater that makes me look fatter hehehe. bak kata sayang 'dah japanese la tek'. hehehe, because the japanese girls still managed to wear long socks and shorts in this weather. here are some pictures from my cubicle,yesterday and today.

This was yesterday. pretty blue sky

This is today. I have to close my eyes while walking, or get a bigger glasses. or wear the snowboarding glasses to lab hehe

i will blog something else later in the day. ada mood ritok. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What might work in Japan, but not in Malaysia (or any other places)

Reserve seat dengan wallet tebals!
wait, i forgot,
at McDonalds summore!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Jude Law and..

Jude Law is seen around lately with a beanie anywhere he goes. I read about this in the dailymail UK, and saw this picture and news about his hair loss. you can read it here. well i still think he is still very handsome :) hair or no hair.

Do you know who else is like this and still very handsome to me, hair or no hair? ;)

of course. <3

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Do you want to Feel Alive?

There will be a free skull keychain if you do feel alive :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

kami+sushi vs. org jepun+sushi

I saw these pictures in my phone, taken when we went for sushi last few weeks. The title says it all, and these pictures below shows the difference between our total plates, and the couple's plates sitting opposite us. After 8 months here, i still lose, big time.

our total plates, kenyang gila, mind you.

their total plates @.@

..yet they managed to stay skinny.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dating Day

Today is our weekly dating day, cuz i cant date everyday, tired from the lab. it's either sunday or saturday. Today we spent sometime at the pizza, went to 21st century art museum, and went for a round of bowling. i love the museum part. i want to go again, prolly spring or summer.

Friday, January 13, 2012

TV series addict

i'm a TV series addict. at least i think i am. i watched too many, and actually following them to the last episode every week. let me list down all the TV series that i have watched every episode & currently following:
  1. Friends (series finished)
  2. Ugly Betty (series finished)
  3. The OC(series finished)
  4. Weeds (series finished) 
  5. Sex & The City (series finished)
  6. Desperate Housewives
  7. Grey's Anatomy
  8. Private Practice
  9. How I Met Your Mother
  10. New Girl
  11. Glee
  12. Gossip Girl
  13. Two & A Half Men
  14. Hart of Dixie 
  15. Pretty Little Liars
  16. and the latest edition (baruk khatam 5 series last night) The Big Bang Theory

I have 11 shows to watch every week. I dont have a TV here, so this is basically just enuff for me. If i dont have these, i dont know how can i carry on with my studies. yeseh. drama drama.

how bout you?


Thursday, January 12, 2012


suatu petang, ketika seronok bermain game...

*aaaa* bunyi fangirl

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My wedding was on NT7! :P

Actually NTV7 was doing a coverage on our great photographer, Piccherita, not us. hehe, yes we're no glamor people, but it was a coincidence on our groom's reception day that the NTV7 decided to come and shoot for piccherita's work for the past 1.5 years.

So enjoy the video! And congrats Piccherita!

We in Bella Ntv7 from piccherita on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My planner

Just started with Jan's & Feb's. Tiut x? Hehehe :p

Monday, January 9, 2012

Our not-so-new car

On the past 21st Dec, we experienced a car auctioning process. here in japan, there are auctions for used cars, in varied conditions. good thing about an auction is, the start bid price could be very cheap, but one downside is, if there are a lot of people who aimed for the car, it might end up expensive for the bid winner.

anyway, we bought our first car, a very cheap one, for commuting purposes, given the public transport fares here (not Tokyo) are quite pricey. funny thing was, after the auction, we paid for it, then we were driving it home. macam beli baju! hahah. all of the process was guided by a Pakistan brother, who could actually speak Japanese on behalf of us.

so the final bid price for our car was around 45000yen, around RM1800. and total after including the registration & change  name process was around 79000yen, which is around RM3200. cheap right? and it was in a very good condition. cermat urg jepun make kereta. so what we have is a Suzuki Wagon R, if di kuching, it's the same as Suzuki Solio model.

.. and my kelisa at home belum abis bayar pun. hmm.

Friday, January 6, 2012

My 2011 highlights