Thursday, July 31, 2008


hi guys. ive changed the settings for commeting on my blog,n now anyone can comment in here. i would appreciate it if you guys state ur name tho, whenever ure using the anonymous button. tengkeww!

reaching homeland

yey, im back again. in kuching! ah, feel safe n content n grateful! nways, the journey was fine, i reached kuching safely, but there was a little turbulence on the way. somehow i dont feel anything tho. i kinda get used to it, and i breathe normally. before this, i dont know why, but i held my breath when there's a turbulence. talk about killing yourself unconsciously ho? hahaha. oof! oof!

btw, the flight took off early tonight, im happy! and the stewardess are all nice and pretty, and i had a glimpse of the co-pilot, he has the ouch ouch factor :P *bunyi kaca retak sbb hensem*, and there are not many ppl on board this time. you know sometimes when ure on board too many times, ull reached a certain level, where ure no more obeying the rules. in my flight just now, there was this guy sitting behind me, and the plane havent touched the ground yet (i know!) but he was like 'ya almost land.. ahhh yes, land oredi' . he was on the phone! my god. so i wonder if this guy will be the first to stand up. and when the plane has landed, and the stewardess started the "Thank you for flying etc etc" speech, and there he was, he stood up, and opened the above compartment. and it is still dim inside! hahahaha. i 'hihihihi-ed' to myself. i just hope nobody overheard my mouse-like hihihi sound. oh what happened then? no, he was not the first one to board off. i was ahead of him. so, what was the rush all about? @_@!

Tip #4: dont sleep with itchy butt, or you'll wake up with smelly fingers (thanks anip for the tip)
Tip #5: dont fart in your sleep, you might not wake up at all @_@! (driven from Tip #4)

Listening to: The Rush - comforting sounds (Mew cover)

note: The Rush is my brother's band. check them out -->

piccy of the day
the love of my life, my lil bro n sis, didhy&fiffy

anti gravity!

i did my laundry, i cleaned my room, i packed my stuff, now im just waiting to fly back to hometown! yey! but yeah, the OBVIOUS thing. that obvious thing i mentioned in my last post, remember? that's actually my project. this project thing is slowly gonna chap my ass. what am i gonna do? yes efrytime i ask this question, there's a voice inside of my head that says 'something!'. its like an echo. when u have ur fair share of sleepless nites, that's what u get. an echo inside of ur head. hihu. i need to remind myself that this is your last sem, daria, do it right,just get on with it. and then ull live your freakin life happily ever after. ya ok!

but ill start um..... tonite. hehe.

have u guys watch gossip girl? i have. one whole season. it was produced by the OC producer, so it's pretty much the same, the tall blonde beautiful girl with all these problems, those cute guys, and the school full of rich kids. but it's a teenage series, and full with eyecandies, and i watched the OC previously, so it's worth watching, plus i love Blake Lively, more than what's her name? oh yesh, mischa barton. and i've finished watching Desp Hwives season 4, a short one this time, cant wait for the next. it was an intense season, and i love love it, esp the episode with the tornado.. it's was as intense as the supermarket episode from season 3 (which i also love). ive finished watching grey's anatomy season 4, a short one too.. cant wait for the next season. are they gonna get married? is izzie getting back with alex? and yeah i love private practice, cuz kate walsh is just amazing. ive pretty much watched efrything.

what am i gonna do?
i miss my sister.

Tip #3: do not go to bed without washing your feet, kids. u know why? no no, not the bad dreams thingy, its because ur mommas just washed the sheets, so no smelly dirty crayoned feet okay?

Downloading: Movie - I'm not there. i wanna see cate blanchett act as bob dylan! she's gooood! hidup 70s!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


think i have one. i havent slept much lately. maybe i have something that worries me, unconsciously? but actually what im worried of is OBVIOUS, but i right-clicked it & clicked 'Send to back of Mind'. hah! ive read somewhere, & it says that, no sleep in 3days straight, and then u'll start seeing things. i think i saw my mug moved just now, but i thought my mind was doing the telekinetic thing,( yeah i wish!), but i think again and oh ya, the sleepless thing. so what are we going to talk about today? britney? yeah her songs are catchy. haha. stilll love her songs tho. good for bootymovin'.

okeh, let's talk about the best burger you've ever eaten.

yeah, my fav is always McD's, but what if you want something different? something creamy, juicy, and delicious JUST by looking at it, and it hurts for you to wait to get home so you can reach it, crunch it with both hands, and roll it into your wide open trap? have you feel like this before? yeah, i have. and i found the remedy. the one and only Carls Jr burger. oh my freaking god heavenly delicious, it will make u think, whether to eat it very fast because it's so so yummy, OR, eat it very slow not because to enjoy the taste, but you dont want to feel bad when it finishes. wow. kecorrr aek liooo eh. Even after i gobbled it all down my throat, (yeah Carls Jr, the wide trap is the door to the throat, not the oven). i still sat back, holding the Carls Jr packet, rewinding the image , or short video whatever of eating it in my mind. yeah. its wow. now tell me your experience.

p/s to my girls: babes, sisterhood of travelling pants 2 dah klua. US la. yey!

Tip #2: dont cross under the ampaian too often. the elderlies said that it makes one a forgetful person! oh how i love superstitions. but then yesterday, when i commented at my fren's pix, he asked me ' which pix?', and guess what, i totally forgot which one. damn.

Listening to: Elton John - benny & the jets

official first post

ok, so this is it. the things that i've done over and over again. having a blog, then deleting it. but now, i guess this one stays. lotsa stuff needs ridding outta my head when my head cant stand them. hihu. well, hello stumblers. welcome here. im gonna need help from my readers. give me topics for me to write. like what u would want to know from me, or the things of common from u that is happening to me. so we would share things and that avoids me to blabber all day about me n my day. i think it should be fun.

uh, why im opening the blog again after this while? well, i must say it's because of one of my babe's blog. her blog is so funny and i think dumping all the things that happen into a blog will make it memorable in case we forgot. you know. a hard disk for the human memory. what do you want it to be? Western Digital? Hitachi? Maxtor? ahaha. or Pendrive? u know it's cute to have a pendrive of Pendrive brand. in case you forgot what is the name of that little thing. hee. well, as for today, i dont think i have a topic yet. ill start later then.


p/s: oh, im thinking to leave a tip everytime i finish posting. so here goes.

Tip #1: do not put your sox in your shoes after wearing em. they will stink. better to just lay em on the shoes tho (if ure gonna wear that again) or, just 3-point throw into the washing machine.

Listening to: Emilia Torrini


hey ya. i just got my vodafone 3g thingy. too bad i got the wrong dealer, so it took like forever to get things done.