Wednesday, July 30, 2008


think i have one. i havent slept much lately. maybe i have something that worries me, unconsciously? but actually what im worried of is OBVIOUS, but i right-clicked it & clicked 'Send to back of Mind'. hah! ive read somewhere, & it says that, no sleep in 3days straight, and then u'll start seeing things. i think i saw my mug moved just now, but i thought my mind was doing the telekinetic thing,( yeah i wish!), but i think again and oh ya, the sleepless thing. so what are we going to talk about today? britney? yeah her songs are catchy. haha. stilll love her songs tho. good for bootymovin'.

okeh, let's talk about the best burger you've ever eaten.

yeah, my fav is always McD's, but what if you want something different? something creamy, juicy, and delicious JUST by looking at it, and it hurts for you to wait to get home so you can reach it, crunch it with both hands, and roll it into your wide open trap? have you feel like this before? yeah, i have. and i found the remedy. the one and only Carls Jr burger. oh my freaking god heavenly delicious, it will make u think, whether to eat it very fast because it's so so yummy, OR, eat it very slow not because to enjoy the taste, but you dont want to feel bad when it finishes. wow. kecorrr aek liooo eh. Even after i gobbled it all down my throat, (yeah Carls Jr, the wide trap is the door to the throat, not the oven). i still sat back, holding the Carls Jr packet, rewinding the image , or short video whatever of eating it in my mind. yeah. its wow. now tell me your experience.

p/s to my girls: babes, sisterhood of travelling pants 2 dah klua. US la. yey!

Tip #2: dont cross under the ampaian too often. the elderlies said that it makes one a forgetful person! oh how i love superstitions. but then yesterday, when i commented at my fren's pix, he asked me ' which pix?', and guess what, i totally forgot which one. damn.

Listening to: Elton John - benny & the jets


f.i.e.z.a said...

the best burger for me is burger king but i havent try the carlos jr yet.tgu g kl la jwbnya.d kch tok neida.huu...
welcome to d blogging world.. ;)

.designerdaria. said...

haha pza, bila masa bager ya jadi latin indah lok. carlos~

psycho said...

otai brger best huhu.. sure u tak pernah try wakakakak

Anonymous said...

NYAMAN AIE CARL'S~ Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu mi Gawd!
I so dik nok belief I jus sek dek!

*tummy's grumbling*

Shinnie shoeshineeeeeeeer~