Thursday, July 31, 2008

reaching homeland

yey, im back again. in kuching! ah, feel safe n content n grateful! nways, the journey was fine, i reached kuching safely, but there was a little turbulence on the way. somehow i dont feel anything tho. i kinda get used to it, and i breathe normally. before this, i dont know why, but i held my breath when there's a turbulence. talk about killing yourself unconsciously ho? hahaha. oof! oof!

btw, the flight took off early tonight, im happy! and the stewardess are all nice and pretty, and i had a glimpse of the co-pilot, he has the ouch ouch factor :P *bunyi kaca retak sbb hensem*, and there are not many ppl on board this time. you know sometimes when ure on board too many times, ull reached a certain level, where ure no more obeying the rules. in my flight just now, there was this guy sitting behind me, and the plane havent touched the ground yet (i know!) but he was like 'ya almost land.. ahhh yes, land oredi' . he was on the phone! my god. so i wonder if this guy will be the first to stand up. and when the plane has landed, and the stewardess started the "Thank you for flying etc etc" speech, and there he was, he stood up, and opened the above compartment. and it is still dim inside! hahahaha. i 'hihihihi-ed' to myself. i just hope nobody overheard my mouse-like hihihi sound. oh what happened then? no, he was not the first one to board off. i was ahead of him. so, what was the rush all about? @_@!

Tip #4: dont sleep with itchy butt, or you'll wake up with smelly fingers (thanks anip for the tip)
Tip #5: dont fart in your sleep, you might not wake up at all @_@! (driven from Tip #4)

Listening to: The Rush - comforting sounds (Mew cover)

note: The Rush is my brother's band. check them out -->

piccy of the day
the love of my life, my lil bro n sis, didhy&fiffy

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