Thursday, July 31, 2008

anti gravity!

i did my laundry, i cleaned my room, i packed my stuff, now im just waiting to fly back to hometown! yey! but yeah, the OBVIOUS thing. that obvious thing i mentioned in my last post, remember? that's actually my project. this project thing is slowly gonna chap my ass. what am i gonna do? yes efrytime i ask this question, there's a voice inside of my head that says 'something!'. its like an echo. when u have ur fair share of sleepless nites, that's what u get. an echo inside of ur head. hihu. i need to remind myself that this is your last sem, daria, do it right,just get on with it. and then ull live your freakin life happily ever after. ya ok!

but ill start um..... tonite. hehe.

have u guys watch gossip girl? i have. one whole season. it was produced by the OC producer, so it's pretty much the same, the tall blonde beautiful girl with all these problems, those cute guys, and the school full of rich kids. but it's a teenage series, and full with eyecandies, and i watched the OC previously, so it's worth watching, plus i love Blake Lively, more than what's her name? oh yesh, mischa barton. and i've finished watching Desp Hwives season 4, a short one this time, cant wait for the next. it was an intense season, and i love love it, esp the episode with the tornado.. it's was as intense as the supermarket episode from season 3 (which i also love). ive finished watching grey's anatomy season 4, a short one too.. cant wait for the next season. are they gonna get married? is izzie getting back with alex? and yeah i love private practice, cuz kate walsh is just amazing. ive pretty much watched efrything.

what am i gonna do?
i miss my sister.

Tip #3: do not go to bed without washing your feet, kids. u know why? no no, not the bad dreams thingy, its because ur mommas just washed the sheets, so no smelly dirty crayoned feet okay?

Downloading: Movie - I'm not there. i wanna see cate blanchett act as bob dylan! she's gooood! hidup 70s!

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