Wednesday, July 30, 2008

official first post

ok, so this is it. the things that i've done over and over again. having a blog, then deleting it. but now, i guess this one stays. lotsa stuff needs ridding outta my head when my head cant stand them. hihu. well, hello stumblers. welcome here. im gonna need help from my readers. give me topics for me to write. like what u would want to know from me, or the things of common from u that is happening to me. so we would share things and that avoids me to blabber all day about me n my day. i think it should be fun.

uh, why im opening the blog again after this while? well, i must say it's because of one of my babe's blog. her blog is so funny and i think dumping all the things that happen into a blog will make it memorable in case we forgot. you know. a hard disk for the human memory. what do you want it to be? Western Digital? Hitachi? Maxtor? ahaha. or Pendrive? u know it's cute to have a pendrive of Pendrive brand. in case you forgot what is the name of that little thing. hee. well, as for today, i dont think i have a topic yet. ill start later then.


p/s: oh, im thinking to leave a tip everytime i finish posting. so here goes.

Tip #1: do not put your sox in your shoes after wearing em. they will stink. better to just lay em on the shoes tho (if ure gonna wear that again) or, just 3-point throw into the washing machine.

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xaximie said...

welcome babe!~

n dis time make sure u wont delete ur blog again.. n again.. n n again..

xoxo =P~

psycho said...

rajin2 tulis blog tau huhu...