Monday, January 30, 2012

A little bit of this and that, healthy and cheap

Yesterday, we decided not to cook for dinner, and dine out. Usually we will dine out on weekends, or when we are kehabisan barang makan mentah. Yesterday was the first time we went to this shop in Apita, as sayang said, 'Kamek rindu makanan jepun' (and he meant besides sushi) as we always cook the typical malaysian dishes at home. I also miss japanese dishes, so yesterday's dinner was quite awesome. The set was cheap, 990Yen per set (fyi, anything under 1000yen is considered cheap), and we had a bit of soba, a bit of sashimi, a bit of tempura with little rice, and a bit of japanese dessert (means not sugar-sweet, but natural sweet) in each set. Worth every penny.

muka sik saba nak mam. kiut. *micit pipi sayang*

muka sik tauk nak mam ne dolok.



AmirFX said...

Cam sedap jak.. Antar ngn kmk sikit k testing.. haha..

daria said...

sedapp mir. hehehehe. nah *ngepos*


kck ow gbr k iphone.x payah k photoshop gik.

daria said...

mek sik make ifon deng. galaxy s2.. pasya edit rah fotoshop. mk nak molah round corner ya, mok nak mok make fotoshop


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