Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Raising Kaori : Season 1, Episode 2 - Onion, onion

Being a pie baker's child, Kaori observes her Daddy a lot. What daddy bought from the grocery store, what daddy peeled, what daddy soaked, how daddy kneaded the dough. When she started to talk, she begins to say the words she learned from videos or from what we asked her randomly. Like picking up a potato and say : "Kaori what's this?" just to test how fast can she recall the random names.

As she was sent to nursery during the weekdays, when we have weekend orders Kaori would usually hang around the dough table, and try to disturb Daddy. Daddy will give her a tiny dough and an extra rolling pin so she could roll the dough on her own. She likes sprinkling the flour before rolling, though. At first she starts by sprinkling then she would just dump the flour all over the place.

On one hot weekend afternoon, Kaori was playing alone, sounded like she was singing. As we came closer we heard a familiar tune, but very unfamiliar lyric..... I managed to record her voice, so here goes...

You sure got a talent as a lyric writer there babe.
Sometimes she got creative too, like using Pony, her teacher's name and so on. :D


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