Sunday, January 10, 2016

Raising Kaori : Season 1, Episode 1 - Kaori Aisyah binti Khasmady

When kaori was little, she expressed a lot using her face and actions. During that time it was easier to capture her using images, and make fake dialogues, well i just thought it was fun, because she made a lot of funny faces back then. Now that she started to speak, and sometimes like all the other kids, she says the darndest things, i think this year is going to be interesting to see her grow, so i would like to capture her day to day life in writing to be kept as my memories, and for her to read when she's all grown up later. She is 2 years 5 months now, she is crazy about dinosaurs, aeroplanes and excavators (calls them giant twuck team) and is an avid fangirl of M&Ms. And yes, of course she is friends with Elsa too.

This blog series is all about me as a mommy trying to raise my curious little girl. Sometimes we will feature our beloved macho man, Daddy. She is 110% daddy's girl, calls herself tea ghost, cheese ghost and beach ghost. She has a lot of toys but rarely plays with them. Does not like brushing her teeth, will fakely shakes her arm so she looks like she's brushing... in the end ill have to force brush those cute little pearls.

And me, well.. im the typical asian mom, the bad cop, the one who should be in a choir group because i have developed so many vocal levels throughout these 2 years. I let Kaori fell (on safe surfaces) so she'll learn about dangers of running too fast, or not too cry on little things, and because of this practice I actually know when she's really hurt physically. Tough love, but that's how mummy loves you bebe. You know mummy & daddy are cray cray about you.

Well i think this is enough for now before im getting mushy, I'll just continue in the next episodes.

Mummy N

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