Friday, January 29, 2016

Raising Kaori : Season 1 Episode 06 - In the train

Kaori was in a good mood yesterday. We were on our way to the airport, and she sang all the way from the hotel, in the train, while walking... and calling out on everything she saw.. 'aeopwane red.. twuck teeamm' and so on.

While on the train, she sang her own song (I couldn't identify the tunes or the lyrics) and suddenly she called out 'Daddy, Mummy and Kaowi!'. We looked out the window, no billboards or posters of a family, or maybe we missed it because of the fast train. After a while, she called out again 'Daddy, Mummy and Kaowi!'. I looked out again, prolly the same billboard out there.. But nope, no billboards, only buildings. I was interested to see that family billboard she identified as us.( Nok ne yang kedak mummy tek.. cantek sik..) One more time, she called out.. but we were passing by a tunnel, so obviously no billboard because it was dark.

'Daddy, Mummy and Kaowi!'

And then I saw that 'billboard'.. Ooooo..paduhal..



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