Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Raising Kaori : Season 1 Episode 3 - Big Fat Bird

Kaori likes the Wiggle song by Jason Derulo. It all started accidentally actually.. when she started doing this out of nowhere, but at that time she would come to me doing this action:

So just for fun, I uploaded that video in my instagram, with a Wiggle intro as a background [wiggle wiggle wiggle]. When we showed her the video like many many times, she thought  she was wigglin' everytime the song came up on the radio, she would do that wiggle hands. Here she is again..

So last week, she requested in the car, 'Mummy, wiggle' so okay, I put on the song. And the lyrics before the wiggle wiggle wiggle  part are these lines:

Hey, yo, Jason
Say somethin' to her
Holla at her
I got one question
How do you fit all that... in them jeans?

You know what to do with that big fat butt

During these part she was like 'Ready mummy? Ready?' -- pre-wiggle hand position

To my surprise she sang the very last line, and I was about to regret being a bad mom for exposing my 2 year old these kind of songs going "oh man oh man" when.....

"you na wachudu wee a big fat bird!"


Since then all butts in that song became birds.
Sorry Derulo. now your song just become kid friendly.
Told you Kaori has a talent as a lyric writer. [refer episode 2]

Mummy N

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