Friday, October 18, 2013

A present for Ikue

I know I cannot thank her enough for everything she had done for me, from the first day I arrived in JAIST, until now. But my labor days were the ones that took this friendship to another level so I have always thought of this present for her, our very own Baju Kurung, as I know it will look very nice on her. She was so excited to receive it, and we told her to put it on immediately. When I passed her the shawl she told me - I want to wear like you wear it. So I wrapped it around her head.

Macam mualaf ok! :)

very pretty!

BFFs haha, this kid whipped out her own tudung when she sees people wearing tudung.

my best team, final picture during my last appointment with Tomokage sensei (1 month checkup)

Thank you Ikue! Love you to bits. ^_^

xoxo, N

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