Tuesday, October 1, 2013

50 hours: Ep 03 - Birth of Baby K

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22 Aug 2013

Around 4am, the midwife came to my room, wanting do another NST and asking if I would be able to walk to the labor room. I told her 'I don't think so' and she brought a portable one to my room instead.
Time passed by -- I didn't know how, probably I fell asleep, and at 9am I was in the labor room again -- NST again. Tomokage sensei came into the room, looking at me saying I looked so tired (well, plus I haven't bathe in 2 days so I must looked like a crazy lady -- crazy hair and all that).

He showed me my blood test results, and told me my infection numbers are already getting higher. he looked at the NST machine for a while, and told me he will get back around 11am.

11am. 48 hours had passed. Still no baby. Was hoping for baby that morning, still there was no sign of it. I was getting too tired, infection numbers increased day by day, I was always in the state of wanting to poop all the time  but I had no strength to get up, but when I managed to go to the loo, nothing came out -- making me feel frustrated.

Tomokage sensei came by, wanting to do a cervical check again. This time I almost cry when he was trying to reach my cervix. After continuous bloody show, 3-4 mins apart strong 45secs and above contractions and 6 induction pills I thought things would go along, but they didn't; I was still at max 4cm dilated and finally Tomokage sensei called my husband in, and told us I might have to go for c-section. Then he went out, we discussed, husband said it was my call. I am the mummy. My only concern was the infection, I wanted to wait but I didnt want to risk anything, but then the expert was the doctor. So when he came in again, I asked a bunch of questions (until hubs repeated my own words to me - he is the expert, dont worry). When Tomokage sensei heard that, he also said, 'yes dont worry, it's me' .To be honest it was really comforting to see him confidently say that, because I knew I was in excellent hands.

And I gave the yes to proceed, and they started to prep for the surgery. my compression socks, water and antibiotics drip and I was brought to the operating room (just next door) around 12:50. I was scared but didn't have time to say or do anything, everything just went by so fast.

In the operating theater, only one extra person was allowed to go in with me, so Ikue will be with me inside the room, but my husband was nearby, really near, just not in the room. I remembered that I laughed when they asked me to position myself like a lobster in order to inject anesthetics before the operation:

'make yourself like a lobster'
'more round, more lobster' -- this was hard, there was a huge belly in the middle of my body haha

I was awake the whole time during the operation, I felt my body moving left and right.. around 10 mins later, I heard the voice, the bubbles-in-the-throat cries - i felt like i want to cry too but suddenly my shoulder blades started to hurt, so I asked Ikue to massage them, but few minutes after I started to panic, nausea hit me, and I told them 'I want to vomit, I dont feel well'. They put a plastic beside me in case I vomit, showed me the cleaned baby ----

and then I think I fell asleep.
Ikue told me later I didn't even vomit.

Here are some pictures, taken by my husband. Thanks sayang. :)

First few minutes.

Ikue - praying. I am so thankful for having her  - thank yous are not enough

 Few seconds before Baby K was pulled out

Baby K was out! :) 22 Aug 2013, 13:10

 "Did you manage to take the picture before?" Tomokage sensei asked my husband.

The next thing I know I was rolled back to my room, moved to my bed (was feeling reallly sorry because I was fatter and heavier than other patients) and I remembered I was feeling groggy and looking for my husband, sobbing and saying I didnt feel very good. He soothed me and then I fell asleep again, together with both of them -- I think everyone was really tired that time. When I woke up again, I told hubs I felt funny at my legs, like they were gone, because I couldn't move them. He then took a picture, and after seeing the picture, then I felt that my legs are like in a massage thingy.. tightening, loosening, tightening, loosening. They told me it was to prevent blood clot or something like that.

bzzt bzzt

Ok, I will continue again later.. kaori needs her oppai~~


next up - my first seven days


Lynna Ghani said...

Hi, Nurul...i've been ur silent reader for quite a while now...& was like berdebar2 jgk reading your post these few days..suspen sangat...huhuhu....Anyway,congratulations to u & ur hubby on the arrival of your bundle of joy ! Take care! Selamat berpantang!:)

Nurrul Mohamad said...


Thank you! I love silent readers ;)
Nak abis pantang dah dua tiga hari lagi yayy ^^

-maya- said...

Nebes eh maca kesah ktk tok rol.. rasa drama tv.. :)

Nurrul Mohamad said...


drama pendek nk oo. hahah.. kmk naip pun neves bila memori ya dtg blt

Shinnie Shmoochie said...

I laughed hard at the 'lobster' part and I cried even harder when I saw Ikue praying for you, babe. Cats and dogs.

Nurrul Mohamad said...


lawak alu jd time ya.. dah la bdn mek begegar2 udah sbb sejok, bila doc telobster2 nurse pun terlobster2. alu byk word lobster lam bilit ya hahah

jgn angish otey.muah