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50 hours: Ep 02

If you haven't read the previous eps, you can read it here:

Episode 01

21 Aug 2013

The day started early for me. Ikue came by around 8am, accompanying me and my husband for the whole day. All of us thought it was baby day. On this day too, my parents were coming from Malaysia, and hubs was supposed to pick them up from Osaka, but since the night before was  a no-baby night, the trip was cancelled, and we gave my dad instructions on how to get to our place instead.

I started to have difficulty walking/waddling from the painful contractions  the night before. Everything was slower as I was getting heavier and being tired made me feel like I weigh a ton. On this day I was monitored all day, in the labor room; and the first NST session's result was the same as the night before -- so Tomokage sensei put me on the hormone pills for induction. He said my contractions should get stronger after each pill, and should help the baby progress. I was also still on  antibiotics to control the infection from the leaking amniotic fluid, and my blood was drawn to check for the infection levels.

After the first hormone pill, I did feel contractions getting stronger, so instead of grabbing my husband's hands, I asked him to massage a reflexology point at my feet to ease the pain, while i breathe in breathe out like I learned in sophrology class. Surprisingly this helped me a lot, so I taught Ikue as well. From this point onwards, everytime the numbers went up on the NST machine, they will massage my feet until the numbers went down again. I am telling this works, at least for me, because I didn't have to take any painkillers or medication for the pain, although I thought about it.

An hour later, they gave me the second pill. The nurse informed me that Tomokage sensei will do a cervical check after the third pill.

One hour later, another pill. This time my husband was out to pick up my parents from the train station. Few minutes after, Tomokage sensei came, checked my NST graph, and said

"Ok, your contractions are getting stronger.
Now.. we do the cervical check, ok?"

--_____-- huuuu  (dalam hati)
pls dilate pls dilate pls dilate pls efface pls efface pls efface (dalam otak)

*cervical check*
*cervical check done*
*Tomokage sensei threw the rubber gloves in the bin, and washed his hands, his face looks like he's trying to think how to explain to me in English*

"Mmm.. baby.. still high up."


"i cant reach your cervix."


"cervix is behind baby's head"

ooo okay.
trying to repeat his words - cervix is behind. behind head.
then i said "eh? what? how?"

Luckily Ikue was around. Tomokage explained to her, and she explained back to me.
Apparently, if the baby is moving down, then the cervix will finally be in place.
So at that moment the cervix was posterior.
No wonder the cervical checks were so painful.

So when the doc and nurses left, i googled 'cervix behind baby's head ' (biasa lah nak, mencari kepastian )
Glad I was not alone. and the thing was actually quite normal.

After a while Tomokage sensei came in again, to tell me that he will continue the hormone pills to the max which is 6 pills a day to see if I progressed. I was allowed back to my room and will be checked after the 6th pill. The nurse was taking off the NST belts when I heard familiar voices. My parents and my niece! They came into the labor room, salam2, brief intro to my gynae and they went out to wait in my room.

Lucky for me; to waddle between my room to labor room takes only 2-3 mins, so I was able to walk in between contractions. I went back to my room to rest and chat a bit with my family before hubs sent them home. Nurse came and went, giving me antibiotics and also the hormone pills.

After the 6th pill, i was called again to have NST session in the labor room. This was around 9pm, and I was clearly tired but my contractions remained strong,sometimes 4mins apart. I had to stop in the middle of the session as I needed to do some 'pelaburan', but nothing came out. This happened few times at the hospital.

In the labor room I was accompanied by a midwife who was really kind to me and tried hard to converse in English. She was happy to see the contractions are very strong and told me she wanted to do a cervical check. She even asked me, 'you want the doctor? or is it okay for me to do it?' I just let her do the checking. She did it, pull out, asked me again if she could put in more fingers. @_@

I just said ok.

"hmm maybe 3cm, maximum 4. maybe, maybe... but baby still high up"

After washing her hands, she said "it's okay, maybe baby --- come morning"

"really? yayy"
Three of us were excited.

After the NST was done, she allowed me to go back to my room, told me to rest.

But, there was no rest that night.
Ikue spent the night at my room and took turns with my husband to accompany me as I couldnt sleep at all. Contractions on and off, and I wasn't able to read Yaasin and Al-maryam anymore so my husband put on the ones in his phone so I could just listen to them, while reciting Nabi Yunus' prayer over and over again in my head. I was so grateful I have both of them to continue massaging my feet during the contractions.

The night ended.. and again, no baby that night.

Next episode -- The birth.

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