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50 hours : Ep 01

Read  the prologue here (over sik rasa mcm buku cerita)

20 Aug 2013

It was supposed to be my last checkup day. Week 40, 2 days before my due date. Checkup time was like always, 10 am, and the routine was also like always, record my weight (god I was a whale, heaviest I have been in my life), and then checking my blood pressure, then wait for my turn to see my gynae and do my non stress test (NST) to see if there are any contractions.

That day they called me in for the NST first before meeting Tomokage sensei (best gynae ev-ver).

during NS test. no one else in the room, so, selfie time!

After the 30min NST, I have to wait for few minutes before meeting my gynae. Since week 8, we were always a crowd in the doctor's room, me, my husband, and Ikue, my confidante - as my translator (love you babe). We were always noisy and everytime we see the baby through the sonogram, it was always like the first time we've seen it. the oohs and the aahs.

So anyway, in the doc's room, my NST result was on his table, and he told me while drawing circles on the paper;

'you are having contractions, 6 mins apart'

and I was like

'mm i dont feel anything yet, but these last few days I always feel too sweaty down there'

then he was like

'ok let's check, just in case it is the amniotic fluid' - gesturing to the next-door room - the dreaded room. I dont really like the next-door room, where all checkups through probing inside my body are handled. So he checked, and the baby was still high up, and took a sample of the 'sweat'.

Back to his room, he showed a strip and said,

'yes it was the amniotic fluid, you remember when it starts leaking?'

I said no.
In my head I was pretty confident it was sweat caused by me waddling around with my elephant thighs. haha. I was wrong.

So the doctor told me that I should stay at the hospital, to monitor for infection, and because I might have started my labor due to the 6min apart contractions. And I was forbidden to take any showers from then on - takut infection.

While waiting for the room service staff to bring us to the room, my husband asked -

'so should i bring all the bags'
'oh okay'
'let's wait after they showed us my room'

I think we were not prepared to be admitted yet at that time, because we always imagined the emergency ride from home to hospital, in the middle of the night.

The room service staff brought us to my room, give me a full bag of supplies (wipes/various kinds of pads/toothbrush set/towel);  explained few things and told me the hospital will prepare my meals starting from that day's dinner. I loved my room.

that small door is a door of a closet

this door is the door of my toilet

that sofa is a sofa bed
After settling in my room, I took a rest, one of the nurses came by to ask if I want a blue, pink or beige pyjama. I requested for blue. and then she told me that the next NST will be at 12:30. Hubs went home to pick up my stuff, and buy me lunch.

Hubs was still away when I did my next NST, and that time it was 5 mins apart. Lying there alone, I was thinking;
Ok, im ready.. *breathe in breathe out* maybe.
uuuu i will meet my baby soonnn, yeay

the NST session lasted about 40minutes, and I couldnt understand Japanese on TV so I just looked around the room. It was one of the labor rooms, and my name was already at the white board.

hmm. blanket ysl gitu

A nurse came by to give me some antibiotics to control the infection from the leaked amniotic fluid. Few moments later, my husband came back with all my stuff and my lunch, and i got some time to eat and rest before the next NST at 3.30pm. So we took this picture just in case baby will be out that night. hehe.

During the next NST session, my contractions were still 5 mins apart and I have started to feel slight pain at my lower back and lower belly (or was it because my body knew I was at the hospital, I'm not sure). Tomokage sensei came by, to ask how I was feeling and to check if I was doing ok. He changed into a pair of blue scrubs (usually during appointment he was wearing this white doctor suit and white coat), and he looked like someone from Grey's Anatomy; if they have a Japanese guest star. I asked him when he expected the baby to arrive; he said probably that night or the next morning.

And I was already getting nervous.


That night around 8pm, I had my bloody show. That was quite surprising -- not because the labor should be near by now, but because I havent seen blood in 9 months! haha.

I told the nurse about the blood during the next NST session, and she called Tomokage sensei to my room, and Tomokage sensei informed me he will do a cervical check.

Ok. I have to say this.
No one told me that cervical check was painful! (sometimes more painful than the contractions!!) From that moment on, I cried inside everytime he mentioned about cervix check. Tomokage sensei said that if the baby gets lower, then the cervical check would be less painful or not painful at all.

He told me the baby was still high up -- and I was like..

And contractions are still 5 to 6 minutes apart?

I thought that the bloody show would mean something, that I have effaced or dilated a bit. Was kinda sad/frustrated at that time. Tomokage sensei informed me, if in the morning the baby is still in the same position, he will give me hormone pills for induction, to help things go along.

So, no baby that night. :(


I started having painful contractions around 1am onwards, esp at my back, and I asked my husband to roll the tennis balls on my lower back to ease the pain. I was kinda sorry to disturb his sleep. but oh well, might as well practice early right? hehe. I was up every 6 or 7 mins, but I didnt know how I managed to sleep in between. Maybe too tired, maybe I have consumed too much anitibiotics for the day (i think hehe)

Ok, Kaori nangis.
Sambung naip malam kelak k. More pictures coming up! stay tuned :)


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