Thursday, September 26, 2013

50 hours : Prologue

I have always imagined how my labor moment would be like. I thought it would be in the middle of the night, me and my husband panicking and grabbing our packed mummy and daddy bags, speeding for Araki Hospital, while calling Ikue and reminding her to calm down before also speeding separately to Araki Hospital.

2 weeks before my due date, I was always in the state of imsomnia, and spending my sleepless nights drowning my phone battery, reading all labor stories - signs of labor, silent labor and whatnot, from babycenter, babygaga, circleofmoms, while trying to imagine myself in that situation. These nights too, my husband will wake up in the middle of the night, or probably change his position, and I will sneak my phone under the pillow, half trying not to disturb him with the phone's brightness, and also --- so he would think that I was also asleep. hehehe. he would be mad, but i know deep down he would understand.

I have been blessed with an uncomplicated pregnancy, there were no problems at all - blood pressure, sugar levels, health, baby conditions; so a normal birth plan was in my mind from the start, without any medications. I did enough exercise, I walked - both on the road, and in the pool (the look from kids everytime I got out of the pool never gets old; they were surprised by the huge belly).

But I have learned; pregnancy, labor and delivery is one of the clearest case of - Manusia hanya merancang, hanya Tuhan yang menentukan.
(human plans, but God will decide)

...will be continued

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