Monday, July 29, 2013

The making of Kazu bag and Daria bag

Hi there,

Lama sudah tidak berjumpa. busy sikit but most of the time, I was just tired, and resting.
If you remember last time I posted about buying materials for our diaper bags, [link is here]; well guess what, finally I finished making both of the bags!

Sorry it took me awhile, but on weekdays I spent my time in the lab - and looking forward for the weekends for my DIY-weekends' projects.

I started making my husband's bag first, and it was finished in a day and a half (few hours day 1, few hours day 2), probably slow because that was my first bag, and I just kinda went with it, combining fabrics using my imagination, luckily it turned out as a bag. Kaz requested his bag to have a laptop pocket inside, so he could use it as other-than-daddy bag, and only wanted few pockets... and then I pandai2 added a bottle pocket at the side panel hehehehe -- in both of my bags, bottle pocket means a pocket with elastic, so the bottle won't spill inside the bag.

This was how the Kazu daddy bag turned out:

Kazu Daddy Bag - fully padded

Interior space - 3 misc pockets, 1 bottle pocket, 1 laptop pocket (padded)

This is how the laptop fits in the bag.

Label - this is the pilot series of the bags, so the labels are also test-printed

So the next week after I finished the Daddy Bag, I started with the Daria Mummy Bag. As Baby K's daddy wanted a simpler bag for himself;  I have always wanted to have a portable changing pad on my bag, and lots of pockets. The making of the exterior of the bag was purely a 'just go with it approach'.. I was not even familiar with zippers (yes, I am not a professional tailor); and whenever I DIY-ed my dresses, I always opted for jersey fabrics, easier to handle, no zippers attached.

I managed to finish the back of the bag without errors, but at one time the machine's needle broke, when it clashed with the end of the zipper. No biggie - I said, changed it to a new needle, and tried to continue sewing. But my mood was also ruined. So I stopped, until the next weekend, which was yesterday - Sunday 28th. I thought, I need to finish the bag, need to pack my hospital emergency bag just in case I pop anytime soon.

So I continued the process yesterday. During the construction of the Daria Mummy Bag, I ironed a very sturdy interfacing to all 5 panels of the exterior - back, front, side A, side B, bottom - so the bag would stand up on its own. And then when it comes to turning the bag inside out, I couldn't turn it at all! (due to the sturdy interfacing) - "Oh mannnnn" I thought, I was frustrated - should I start over? And then I decided to reopen all the stitches, and peeled of the interfacing from side panels and bottom panel. leaving front and back panel with the interfacing. luckily this time the exterior could be turned inside out - *relieved*

The hardest part was over, and making the bag interior was pretty easy. I ended up with 7 pockets -- 5 misc pockets, 1 bottle pocket at the side, 1 top pocket - for keys/phone easy access. The Daria Mummy Bag was 95% machine stitched, and 5% hand stitched.

So this was how it turned out, and I loveeeed it.

Daria Mummy Bag



I wanted to cry when this turned out like I imagined it to be ^_^
The interior - 7 pockets

Because it's an original :)

Friends asked me if I am selling these bags; and after discussing with Kaz, I thought why not, I learned from these two bags a lot of things during their construction, and future bags will be a better version of these two pilot bags :) We are looking into the details on order taking - probably size choices, total pockets, and option of having changing pad etc. so the construction of the bag will be faster. I will update once we start taking orders; soon! xoxo

Next up - designing casual bag [not diaper/mummy/baby/daddy related, hehehe] & Baby K's first tote!

Last but not least,
Selamat Hari Raya!



DiLLaiLa said...

kacakkkkkkk...both very da kacak! hehhehe

owh ya if there's one thing you need to consider in the future, it is a shoulder pad!!!hehhe bukan apa, bag tu kadang2 boleh jadi berat than usual based on my experience. sebab botol2 susu, botol air, baju salin, food. etc2. macam2..kadang2 ada shoulder pad pon bahu sakit :D

Nurrul Mohamad said...

tengkew daling! n tengkew for the idea.. nnt nurul just buat detachable shoulder pad lah..snang lilit ke tali tu nnt