Monday, July 22, 2013

Counting the days now. Final month.

I am exactly one month away from my expected due date.
This Wednesday ill be attending my sophrology class to prepare for the birth.

I have washed all baby K's clothes and napkins (very cute clothes, i was smiling all the way when I hanged it outside).

Let's see what else I need to do.


Her blanket, 1/4 of bias tape left to sew [ underestimate the bias tape length, should've bought two, and working with knit bias tape is unexpectedly harder eee ]

My diaper bag! I think I will finish it the moment I take leave from the lab.

My friend Yana has given birth yesterday, and from all of my friends delivering this year, Yana was the last one, before my turn, and now she has popped, means I'm close! nabes gilaaaa.

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