Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kaori on local TV

This was a present from our beloved Ikue. ;)

One day at the hospital Ikue told me -

"I have this present for the baby but I don't know if you will accept it."

What is it? Of course I will accept it. :D

"It is a segment for local TV on newborn babies....."

oh no.TV. and mummy looks like a whale.

"I saw it on Araki hospital's facebook, previously two mummies already participated on this show. They will come here and do the shooting with you and your baby."

Hm okay, it is fine with me, we will ask Kazu-san later.

At the end I agreed, it was a very very sweet gift, and a good memory for Kaori to watch when she's older. The shooting was funny, with Kaori crying, with us struggling with Japanese language, and Ikue translating English into Japanese language. But the output was very good. Kaori looked like an angel. Daddy was obviously nervous, and mummy. oh mummy, pls excuse my whale-ness. I was reluctant to show this during my confinement, afraid it will jinx my weight loss efforts (paranoid sik pasal2); but now I have lost more than half of it, I feel ok. hahahaha. gai.

The day before the shooting, doctors and nurses were like..

"you will be on TV tomorrow righttt, you must be excitedd!!" (translated)

And when we visited the hospital during the 1 month checkup they were like..

"aaa we saw you on Mebae, it was very nice!" (translated)

Anyways, here it is. the video (plus some advertisements -- too excited, pressed record too early). It was a very short segment, 1min+ (phew!). Please, just focus on Kaori, not us. hahaha!



DeLancrettLurpak said...

glemerrrr aihhhh

Nurrul Mohamad said...


gleme dalam keadaan paling sik flattering! hahah

Butterflies said...

tiga2x comel..

Nurrul Mohamad said...


ekekek, no lah, kaori je kut. tengkew butterfliesss

yasser anas said...

ya bok nya! celebrity :D

Nurrul Mohamad said...


yalah.. tp si kecik sik perasan nya jd celeb ahaha.sik saba nak show nya time nya da paham klak