Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby K

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Finally after 50 hours waiting, Baby K arrived. Baby girl, healthy and loud, with really thick black hair. Alhamdulillah. These are the pictures from the first two days.



Guess which one is Kaori? ;)

Every newborn will be sleeping in the gallery (yes only around 12 places), it's a controlled room, and only nurses are allowed inside. Mommies will meet them during breastfeeding sessions, and the nurses will pass the baby to the mommies in the breastfeeding room.

In the next entry I will tell my story about recovery in this hospital and why I sometimes miss this hospital a lot; and the nurses. Normal delivery mommies will stay 5 days, ceaserian mommies will stay 10 days -- in my case 7 days because of faster recovery. Stay tuned!


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Lynna Ghani said...

Precious. Chumil & bambam! :)