Monday, June 24, 2013


Last night (sunday) Kaz and I went to the mini event at the nearby community centre, it was called Hotaru something, but basically Hotaru means firefly. The event started with a bit of briefing, all in Japanese, but we could understand a bit from the pictures shown, on a firefly's lifecycle and different types of fireflies in that area. After that, we went outside (well I thought I would see a firefly-released session, but no), it was just outside the building, and yesterday was the peak of the fireflies to turn into full hotaru lightning mode, so we could see the fireflies just above the paddy field. It was very dark outside, so all of our pictures are either blurred, or totally black, but i managed to capture this short vid, of Kaz holding one of the bug. After the short session of kids catching the bugs, keeping in their bottle, the instructor guy then told us to release all the flies back in the air. Kids must be quite disappointed I guess ;p

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