Friday, February 13, 2009

my comfort zone

last december, when i reported my duty, i had babe xaximie to help me moved furniture around in my room. i remembered that day. Mr The One was not mine yet, but that day i spoke to his father on the phone, and i passed my camera charger. hee. they were going to singapore. just 2 days before my heart fell out from my chest (yes it is inside again now, safe and sound)

xaximie n i proceeded to my office to arrange my stuff, and lepas berjam2 miker gineee nak nyusun. we ended up susun like this.

eh cekolok, assistant antek and stylo mek posing dolok :D

hee. kosongkan? baruk mula keja balit tekk.

so one day, me and my super two colleagues, que sera sera and jamy (kedua dua bukan nama sebenar), helped me to move stuff around, again, since i complained i did not have a rest spot like all of my colleague's room. so this is how my room looked now.


my door, and my kiddies in front of me

my rest/solat spot. yay got oredi. :)

ups kantoi nama sebenar que sera sera tek ahaha

so this is my comfort zone. i love my room. i love doing work here. and lately i always go home late in the evening, to finish stuff. i came by on weekends. yea, it is my fav place. it is also zen here. i love my job, although sometimes seeing no common sense in front of me is kinda hmmm... what is the right word. but all and all i love my job. im glad im what i am :)


Woman IN PinK said...

Cis...namaku telah tersebar ke seluruh alam siber.huahuahua..i oso love my job.not the best job, kan?tapi bolehhhhlah...

peace out!

Anonymous said...

lol... mun saya dpt meneka sapaka kwn kamu bernama jamy itu...dpt sik eclair?? ^^

khairul onggon said...

kacak eh bilit ktk ya.. :)

daria.lala said...

ahahaha anonymous, sik payah beberik. gulabatu ktk ya gik ngareyyy lam kontena ya :D