Thursday, October 25, 2012

ok im just gonna confess

i have finished reading all three 50 shades series. although the writing could be so much better, but it's still ok -- for a fan-fiction, and should i say.. Christian Grey, oh Christian Grey...

Boys are gonna be in trouble cuz Mr Grey has established a very high standards for a perfect man. Hehehe

So now, without it (I was always looking forward to 11pm everynight - the time I assigned to read them), I kinda miss Christian.

Cant wait for the movie.

So, I imagined Ian Somerhalder as the perfect Christian - at least for me.. I mean look at these

The smirk

Those eyes

And I also think Matt Bomer is suitable for Christian Grey.

a very CEO Mr Grey

And then today, for a split second I reconsidered Chace Crawford when I saw --

kiut aie!

But then, I always go back to Ian. Because the description fits very well in my head, and also because everytime I see Ian smirk, or smile (90% from the vampire diaries), I would go..

"Adoh doh doh doh mahwaku"


but, if Christian's  not 27, then I would choose no other than Christian Bale to play it. *smitten*

OH, I just hope they dont cast Rob Pattinson. Pleaseeeeeeee dont, angol ngan matanya.

p/s: yes, i am still very very much in love with my husband, and he understands how i react about Mr Grey. hahaha



Ray said...


Sorry aher juak leave a comment on this entry coz I was blogwalking. Hmm... You read my mind with regards to the choice of C. Bale as C.Grey. oh goshh.. Think about it makes me perspire hahaha.. Think of C. Bale circa American Psycho looks nak owh?

Super crazy about this trilogy, mun dah abis baca, ulang lagik sekali. Apa reti gila ya kah?? Coba polah khatam Quran kedak ya horr??

Still, Christian Bale is forever gonna be my Christian Bale. But I don't fancy Ian Sommerhalder though, tahla macam kureng sikit jak for me. Matt Bomer is more preferable, but I can't get past the fact tht he's gay.. *sob sob*..

Huwaa... ok better stop rambling about our choice of C.Grey.

But then looking at the new casting of whatshisname sik ingat, hmm... sik sure maok nangga sik the movie tuk..

Ok arigatoooo!! :)

Nurrul Mohamad said...

Salam Ray,,

Mena kata kitak! Bale time american psycho nang sesuaiii gilak ahaha. tok last year ho mk nulis, tp this year preference mek dah tukar juak ke matt bomer, sbb nya mpun stail cam bes agk lam white collar. time sidak casting n announce si charlie dunnam ya bekareh k mek nangga series sons of anarchy, n muvi2 nya and then bagus2 dah mek dpt nerimak, (sbb lam Green Street Hooligans nya macam macho jak) tiba2 sidak tuka orggg. uh. mahwa. tp gine2 pun mk sa mk nangga juak kali, end up either frust nya sik sama ngan buku, or maybe happy n jd muvi ulang2. hahah.

alu rasa nak maca agk kamek oleh kitak.